Friday, March 23, 2012

Large Family Life

Yes, we do know what causes it and no, we aren't crazy.

Most of the time.

Meet our soon-to-be family of TWELVE!

This is Brittany, number 1 and Tyler, number 2. They both just got braces last month. Brittany is a junior this year. She definately an oldest child. She's very smart and driven. She has a jewelry business and enjoys wearing jeans and all things superhero.

Tyler is a freshman this year. He is a wealth of information on many things including animals, history and video gaming. He also has a soft heart for taking care of the littles of the family. They all learn his name first.

This is Timothy, number three of the group and in sixth grade. This picture pretty much sums it up. LEGOS. All the time. He is very creative and has never had a shy bone in his body.

This is Bethany who comes in at number four, and in fourth grade. She is very into baking and crafting right now. She is very funny and loves drama and singing.

This is Brooke who is number five and in third grade. She is the only redhead of the bunch. Brooke has always says some of the funniest things, and loves Little House on the Prairie.

Tristan comes in at number six and is in first grade. Tristan is very fun loving and tells me that "Mom, you are awesome!" at least ten times a day. Every mom should have one of these little encouragers.

This is Thomas who is number seven in the line up. He is five years old and the family fashionista. He loves button down shirts and vests and his hair always styled, mostly these days in a faux hawk.

This is Bailey. She is three and is very easy going. She loves to sing Jesus Loves Me and keep up with her brothers.

And Travis, number nine. Oh Travis. He is 19 months and ALWAYS keeps me on my toes. He is my high maintenance little guy, but the rewards are high as well!

And this is little number TEN who is due in August!

And, this is where it all began, my husband David and me, Courtney. We've been married seventeen years and have survived the Marine Corps, the economy and putting up with each other.

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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Heavy Metal

I haven't posted about this yet, but Brittany and Tyler finally got their braces about a month ago. They were so excited.

I'm not being sarcastic, they really were excited. I'm not sure why. Several days into it they were rethinking that excitement.

But, now a month into it, everything has sort of settled in their mouths and they are not as sore. Brittany will have hers on for three years. She only has them on the top for right now and will eventually get the bottoms. Tyler will have his for about a year and a half.

I think the hardest thing for them is the fact there are things that they can't eat and sometimes they have to pick their food into small pieces before they eat it. They are doing great, though.

Brittany will have to have some surgery for an impacted tooth here in a few weeks. She's not even nervous. I would be a wreck.

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Happy Birthday, Bethany!

Bethany turned ten (!) on the 9th. We had planned to grill out on that Saturday, but the forecast called for rain and Brittany and Tyler had an activity with the youth group. So, we moved it to Sunday after church. Well, of course, Saturday was beautiful and Sunday was rainy. We invited the cousins over and had hot dogs and hamburgers anyway without the grill.
They decorated strawberry cupcakes and Bethany got a much wanted Wuggle pet, a Webkinz and some money.

Bethany is all into crafting and decorating right now. She also had the opportunity to teach the church the names of the twelve disciples on Sunday morning. I was so proud of her! I'll post the video if I can figure out how to download it off of Facebook.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Monkeying Around

To have a monkey birthday party you have to have one of these...

and one of these..........

and one of these!

Bailey turned three today!

I'm not sure why those responsible for decorating put so many candles
on the cupcakes.

Little brother about to get smurfed with that blue icing.

Friday, March 2, 2012

Upward! We Wanna Win Spell it out W-I-N!

Upward Basketball and Cheerleading has been keeping us busy since we came back from Chicago. As a matter of fact we had our first practice the evening we drove back into town.

This was the fourth year our church has sponsered it, but our first year for participating. Tristan played basketball. He was jersey #1.

Tristan had never played basketball before, but I know he learned so much and had a great time. Upward is about sharing the gospel, first and foremost. Parents are encouraged to cheer for all teams and players. It really is such a positive experience. They also have a devotion at half time. David, Brittany and Tyler all got to do devotions.

The Cheer commissioner asked if I would coach the older girls basketball and if Brittany would assitant coach. This was a bit of a stretch since I am not the cheerleading type, but I think it went very well.

Brittany and Brooke and my nieces, Emma and Dadriana, were on my squad.

Brooke and Bethany

Bethany and Emma

At the beginnng of each game the players are announced and run out. The cheerleaders are announced and run out first, then stand and cheer for the other players as they run out.

The girls in action. Just don't get hit by the ball. Or a player.

I wake up in the middle of the night hearing, "Wave your hands from side to side, go Upward Go!"

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