Wednesday, August 29, 2012

My due date has come! And gone......

Well, here I am at almost a week late and not surprised at all.  Last night I was having some pretty painful contractions, but they were only about 12 minutes apart and eventually stopped. Which is fine since Brittany had an orthodontist appointment this morning to get her bottom braces on, and she didn't want to miss it. The sooner she gets them on, the sooner she gets them off.

I stopped walking on the treadmill about two weeks ago, because I could hardly walk for the rest of the day after I walked on it that morning. The baby is pretty low, so that's probably why.

I still haven't been eating sugar (except for this once I went crazy and had 4 chuncks of watermelon and a Braum's ice cream) which was the BEST ICE CREAM I'VE EVER EATEN. 

So, this baby better not be huge, but as the days go on, I know it's only getting bigger.

As evidenced in this photo.

However, this "no sugar" thing has allowed me to gain zero weight in the last two months. So, by the time all is said and done, I will only have gained 45 pounds. Which is still more than I wanted to, but I'd already gained ten pounds before I even knew I was pregnant, because it was Thanksgiving, we went to Chicago, and then Christmas! So, technically I really only gained 35 pounds which is more acceptable.

In my mind.

My last doctor's appointment was on Monday. He said, "Okay, come back in a week." And, then I noticed after I left that the receptionist had scheduled me for next Thursday, which is more than a week. I'll be two weeks overdue by that point, and even later because I'm sure he won't send me over right then to be induced.

So, I'm hoping these stronger contractions mean that labor is sooner than later.

Will it be a boy or a girl?? (No, we didn't find out. We've never found out. That would ruin the surprise.)

Friday, August 24, 2012

Frugal Friday

More Freebies in my Mailbox!

What's in the picure.........

Learning Magazine from The Mailbox

Sample of Purex Laundry Detergent

1 Schick Hydro Razor

2 cans of Formula (I plan to nurse, but it's nice to have some on hand just in case.)

Want to get Freebies in your mailbox? Check out my post here.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

This is an Exciting Week Because.......

David got his Bachelor's Diploma in th mail ! He's been working on this thing for about 20 years off and on, and finally felt a push to get it done this spring. Phew! Glad that's done! Now he's taking graduate classes for a Theology degree.

And, my baby started a new job! She's watching one year olds at a daycare that rents part of our church building.

Not to mention the fact that my due date is in TWO DAYS!

Monday, August 20, 2012

Monday Musings

This is exactly how Thomas laid down in my floor the other evening when he was
tired and wanted to go to sleep.

Yeah. I don't know either................

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Frugal Friday. Except that it's Saturday.

Frugal School Supplies

This was such a busy week. I had a doctor's appointment, I had to take two kids to the dentist for check ups, and I took Brittany to the doctor for an ear infection. I turned in some clothes to consign that my two big boys had grown out of and I went to book club. I also have been feverishly planning homeschool, because HELLO I am running out of time.

I still haven't found my camera battery charger, and my hesitancy to spend FORTY TWO DOLLARS to buy another one, has led me to use my husband's video camera to take pictures. And, since it is a video camera, that he needs for his graduate degree work, and not an ACTUAL camera, it doesn't take very clear pictures. But, I guess an unclear picture is better than NO picture.


school supplies have been on sale for the past five weeks, so I have been stocking up.

My two favorite office supply stores  


have not let me down! I didn't make the Staples Teacher Appreciation Day this year, because I couldn't get myself up and out of the house that day, but I did make it to the one at Office Depot.

And, boy, am I glad I did.

Because I WON the drawing for the PRINTER!!

So totally exiting!!

I've been heading to Office Depot and Staples since the beginning of the school sales and stocked up on their sale items. I did make one trip to Dollar Tree for pencil cases and I did splurge at Target for some markers, colored pencils and water color paints for the little kids.

Typically, Staples has a $5 minimum purchase to get the sale items, but every week they offer an item for free or for a major discount with a rebate. For instance, they had computer paper for $1 after rebate and the first week it was 25 cents after rebate. I've already gotten my first rebate check back. Office Depot doesn't have a minimum purchase and doesn't offer rebates from what I've seen, and both stores have a limit on each item.

Also, keep in mind, that these are my teacher supplies, (my husband takes some of this too!) and supplies for the nine kids for the entire year, until next summer when I shop again.

Here is a picture of all the school supplies from my weeks' purchases................

and a closer look..............

Here is what's in the picture....

7 reams of computer paper
3 thin binders
4 hard backed binders
2 giant glue sticks
28 single glue sticks
1 protractor
7 rulers
2 White Outs
2 packs of cap erasers
10 large erasers
12 highlighters
2 packs of notecards
6 pencil sharpeners
56 ink pens
5 colored ink pens
21 dry erase markers
52 mechanical pencils
10 tabbed dividers
2 legal pads
3 packs sticky tags
40 pronged folders
2 bottles of glue
12 boxes of crayons
3 boxes of colored pencils
48 #2 pencils
3 boxes of markers
4 packs of water colors
9 pencil cases
10 composition notebooks
6 packs of tissues
2 boxes of chalk
220 paper clips
8 packs notebook paper
1 pack post it labels
6 Sharpie Markers
3 spiral notebooks
2 post it notes
1 reusable tote bag

All of this at regular price would have cost me  $298 before tax.

I spent.........


This doesn't include the pencil sharpener I got for $14 using my 20% teacher discount at the Teacher Appreciation Breakfast.

Whew! Until next year............


Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Happy Birthday, Timothy!

Timothy's 12th birthday was on Saturday!

He had a friend sleep over last Wednesday evening, on Friday went to the lake with the youth group and on Saturday went to Frontier City with the youth group, also.

I don't have any pictures because my battery charger for my camera is missing.

And the battery is dead.

And, I just started homeschool planning and the baby is due next Thursday. Not like I'm putting planning off til the last possible minute or anything.

Friday, August 10, 2012

Frugal Friday

Frugal Spotlight

My Favorite Frugal Blogs
I have lived frugally since I first got married. My husband was just starting out as a low rank in the Marine Corps and we've always been a one income family. So, you have to learn really fast how to make that money stretch.

Now, add in a child every two years or less for the last seventeen years, and you REALLY have to know how to make that money stretch!

Being frugal is just second nature to me now.

There are several websites that make it easier for me to save money. These websites are updated several times a day and have posts with coupons to print, store deals, online shopping deals, freebies and giveaways just to name a few.

Money Saving Queen is located here in Tulsa. Remember when I WON tickets to Trans-Siberian Orchestra last Christmas? I won them from a contest on Money Saving Queen. Even if you aren't local, she shares some great tips and hints to living frugally and saving money that can be implemented anywhere.

Hip 2 Save is a mom to three young kids and a military spouse. She posts quite frequently, so I check her site a few times a day (when I have time) because once her readership gets wind of a deal, it goes fast!

Just last week I saw a post on some Sketchers boys shoes that Kohl's had on clearance. She had a promo code for a discount and there was free shipping. Tristan needed some new tennis shoes, so I snatched those up for a little less than $18 dollars shipped to my door! Those are better quality and cheaper (regular 49.99) than if I had gone to Target or Wal-Mart- and I didn't even have to leave home! (And, in this 112 degree summer is a bonus!)

Money Saving Mom is another site I like to check daily. She doesn't post as many deals as Hip 2 Save, but she does more frugal meals, gluten and dairy free coupons, educational freebies and great articles and tips on saving money. Money saving mom also does a link up so that blogs can post their own giveaways.

Some things I have won through giveaways this past year:

6 Kashi Bars

36 Bags of Pretzel Crisps

a set of Pyrex glass storage bowls with lids

a Chocolate Martini set (This is funny, because I don't drink, but the glasses make for fun dessert holders, and the chocolate makes great chocolate milk!)
4 Trans-Siberian Orchestra tickets

3 loaves of delicious healthy bread from Manna Organics

Raining Hot Coupons is another site I check several times a day. She posts often with similar coupons and deals as Hip 2 Save. She also just gave birth to an adorable new baby girl!

Saving the Family Money is also a great money saving blog. She post lots of frugal and money saving deals, and even many things local to Jacksonville, Florida.

Now that you know my favorite coupons blogs, go check them out!! Stay tuned for more Frugal Friday!

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Happy Birthday, Travis!

Sunday was Travis's 2nd birthday!


Travis dressed for the festivities in his favorite Elmo shirt.


He enjoyed opening all of his presents. He needed Dad's help at first, but
quickly caught on and after he'd open one present, he'd say, "Another one!"

He must have gotten a little upset at the loud singing
and flaming cupcake in his face....


because the poor little guy burst into tears!

But, he quickly recovered after he got to eat the cupcake
and take off the Spiderman ring.

Travis isn't really into Spiderman, but when you send your
husband and oldest son out for birthday cupcakes you
get Spiderman.

Later that evening...........

we set out for the swimming pool for our church's Praise Kids Swim Party. They had reserved the pool and everyone brought snacks. It was wonderful! The water felt so good!! I got in and didn't leave til the last minute so I didn't get any pictures. I think Thomas is part fish. He was turning flips off the diving board! Everyone had a great time, except for Travis. He wasn't sure whether or not he liked swimming. But, he did smile once or twice and I think he may actually have laughed once.

On a sad note...............

today I LOST the diamond out of my engagement ring! It is GONE! I don't even know where to look. It is hopeless. I am thankful that I didn't lose the entire ring. I guess the diamond can (eventually) be replaced. But I really love my ring. David picked it out himself- it's part of a set with the wedding band- when he was in Hawaii. I know a lot of women's husbands buy them bigger diamonds as time goes on, but I don't want a different ring. I'll always love the one he picked out for me!

Friday, August 3, 2012

Frugal Friday

Here are some more freebies in my mailbox this week.

-2 diapers
-Similac formula and bottle
-Kreo miniature building set

How do I find out about these Freebie offers, you ask? 

Stay tuned to more Frugal Friday posts...........................

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

36 Week Pregnancy Update

Well, I had my 36 week doctor's appointment today (I'll actually be 36 weeks Thursday). I weighed two pounds less than I did two weeks ago. Maybe this no-sugar thing is at least good for something.

(I am so craving a doughnut. Or a brownie with a side of doughnuts.)

Also, if you are a man reading this you may want to stop now because TMI in the pregnancy department.

I think the new doctor and I are on the same page for the most part. My ideal scenario this time is to go into labor on my own-I'm pretty sure I'll go past my due date since that has happened the last nine times. I really don't want pitocin and I really don't want an epidural.

I was induced with numbers 6, 8 and 9.

The doctor said he was okay with letting me wait past my due date as long as there aren't any problems with the baby or the placenta. He said my number one priority should be having a safe mother/baby, 2nd priority should be to have this vbac and then, third should be no induction.

WELL, for me, healthy and vbac aren't even on the list because those are a total given. OF COURSE I want healthy and vbac. Now I wouldn't refuse a c-section, but I think that the only way I would need one is in the event there is an emergency with either me or the baby. I am positive I can have a vbac since I've done it EIGHT times already. I know my body can handle having a vbac with a small baby/large baby/induction/non-induction/whatever-may-happen scenario.

He also seemed very shocked that I didn't want him to check my cervix. I tried to tell him that whatever my cervix is doing has no relevance to when I will actually have this baby. It may for other women, but not for me. So, what's the point? He said that the condition of my cervix would determine if the chances of my having a vbac would be favorable if I needed to be induced. Induction with an "unfavorable" cervix might result in a repeat c-section.

Okay, I agree with that, but for ME, regardless of what my cervix is doing, conditions WILL be favorable for a vbac. Either I will go into labor and have the baby, or I will be induced and the pitocin will make my cervix favorable, both certain to result in a vbac.  I have had a vbac with induction and without induction. I have been told weeks ahead of time that my cervix is dilated, etc. etc. only to go 11 days late. It's hard to get your hopes up like things are happening and then.........NOTHING. So, I hope that I don't have a clashing of opinion on this with him. I hate to refuse a doctor's recommendation, but I also know the way my body works, and I don't want a cervix check. But, this isn't just a doctor's thing. It's also a physician's assistant, nurse practitioner and midwife thing.

But, this doctor has only met me twice and he doesn't have any of my records yet, even though they requested them a month ago. So, I just want to make sure he doesn't "generalize" me. And, that I can make it clear to him without conflict that I know what my body does and what I expect it to do. But, also, that things can go wrong, and I want his help because of that. Otherwise, I could have an unassisted home birth.

Anyway, now that I have rambled on about things that might be TMI for anyone, I will end on this note.....

There is no picture because it is 112 degrees this week in Tulsa, and I'm too busy sitting in front of the fan to pose for a picture.

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