Thursday, May 13, 2010

It's a twister, Auntie Em!

We have now experienced our very first Oklahoma tornado, although it was with very little excitement (thankfully!) About 5 am, there was enough thunder to wake me up- it's generally very hard to wake me up- and rain pelting against the window. Then, the power flicked off for just a few seconds. So, of course, I looked out the window and the wind is going crazy. Shortly after it all settled down into just a regular light rain.

Then, I heard the tornado sirens off in the distance. I though it was odd to just hear them after all the "storm", but whatever.

I read on the local news website that there had been confirmed an F2 in a nearby small city and they were pretty sure it was the same that did damage when it came through Tulsa.

Well, we can now rule out that mobile home we were looking into...........

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Mother's Day

This morning Brittany cooked some waffles, hash browns and bacon for breakfast, and it was so good. That girl can cook some bacon!

At church all the moms were honored with a teacup/candle and devotional booklet and the pastor did a little fun thing before the sermon. He bought roses and went through a checklist. I got a rose for the "expecting" catagory that he did first, and if you had already gotten a rose in one catagory, you couldn't raise your hand for another catagory. But, if I had been able to raise my hand again, then I would've gotten another for most children, most relatives in church that day, and youngest child in church. Ha!

My sweet sister in law got me a Chili's gift certificate along with some pretty flowers and a cake this morning. So this afternoon, David and I went out to Chili's. I hadn't been to Chili's in probably years, but my burger was so good! And, they gave me a chocolate covered strawberry for Mother's Day.

This mama was spoiled. :)

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Baby Bump Number Nine

Kimberly over at Raising Olives thought it was about time to show off those baby bumps again!

Here is Baby Bump Number Nine at 28 weeks and 2 days.

And for the "inside" scoop.....

Can you see the little pug nose and poochy lips and chin?
(Sorry these are so blurry. My scanner wouldn't work-rrrrggg!- so I took pictures of them.)

Karate kick

The wave (I know it looks like 6 fingers, but there are only 5.)

I had my glucose test on Monday and I passed. My blood pressure had been up in the 130's over something at my last visits, so I was getting concerned, but thankfully, it was back down to the low 100's this time.

I was having the most difficult time finding a doctor here in Tulsa. I found just one midwife who was part of a practice- I can't do a private midwife right now- and she told me she couldn't deliver me as a vbac. It would have to be a repeat c-section. And, as a matter of fact, there were only a handful of doctors in the area whose insurance would let them deliver a vbac. It was too much of a liability so the doctors' insurances would not cover them. Are you kidding me? After 7 vbacs they would have me have another c-section. Seriously?

So, this midwife, who I really liked, gave me the name of one doctor who still could deliver vbac. I had an appointment with this doctor last week and was totally pleased. He's a Christian, homeschooling dad of five, who prayed with me at the end of my appointment! He is actually in family medicine and has a focus on mother/baby care. He is into natural childbirth and no birth control and actually was excited that this was my ninth. I totally like this guy! Finally!

My placenta may be a little low, (previa), but the ultrasound tech said she'd seen lower. So, I guess they'll keep an eye on things from here on out. Wouldn't that be ironic if I had previa and had to have a c-section anyway? Let's just hope not. Otherwise, little wee one number nine is healthy.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Yum! Yum!

Awww, Mom, can't you just give me a little bite?

Sshhhh. Don't tell anyone it was cake batter ice cream!

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