Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Monday Musings

I had meant to post this yesterday, but I just didn't have time. I had the baby ultrasound yesterday and all is fine with the little one. I am 27 weeks with a due date on Tristan's birthday, February 23. Now, we all know it will be March before I actually have the baby. LOL Unfortunately, I did not pass the glucose test, which means I have to drag myself at 5:30 am over to the hospital next Monday for the three hour test. There is also one more health issue that I should have the results by the same Monday.

David has an interview this morning. We are praying, praying that this is what God wants for us. Things are pointing in this direction. Hopefully we will know more by this afternoon.
Our computers have not been getting a good internet connection lately. It takes forever to download something, worse than dial up. We thought maybe it is the router, so we unplugged mine from the router and just plugged David's straight into the internet connection. Anyway, that leaves my computer without internet. The kids always are asking to play on my computer and when I said it wasn't working, Tristan said, "Did your computer run out of gas?" :)

Monday, November 10, 2008

Monday Musings

Everyone's current hobbies:

David: facebook, looking for a new job

Courtney: playing Webkinz arcade games- I admit it.

Brittany: facebook, email, writing a book

Tyler: reading, playing computer games

Timothy: playing Heroscape

Bethany: sucking her thumb, playing outside

Brooke: playing outside, aggrivating Tristan

Tristan: talking potty mouth, aggrivating Brooke

Thomas: watching Veggie Tales, taking off his pants and diaper and running around "nudey bottom"

Thursday, November 6, 2008

A Series of Unfortunate Events

That's what I think I will retitle my blog as. We have fallen victim to the economy as well. My husband was fired last week from his job at an investment firm.
I was literally devastated and had a hard time letting go of the career that we put everything (literally everything) into to make it work. This was going to be the career that led to bigger and better things for us. But, for some reason beyond what I can understand, God did not let that happen. Now we are back to square one, only a lot more in debt, and exhausted from hanging on by a string for two years. Ugh.
It really wasn't anything he did wrong. He just didn't bring in enough commssion. To let him go with the economy this way- was it really fair? I guess they had to do what they had to do.
I am disappointed, and I guess at times worried about what will come next. I really wanted this career to work out, but I think I am done crying and finally ready to take a deep breathe and see what God will bring our way. Here are some things I am certain of.

1. God will provide for His children. We have seen Him work in our lives many times.
2. I am still a blood-bought child of the King.
3. I will have abundance one day- forever in heaven.
4. My husband loves God. All of my children love God.
5. I can feel the kicks of another little one in the womb, that will also one day love God.
6. God will supply all of our needs.
7. We have wonderful supportive friends.
8. It only took me 20 minutes. to vote on Tuesday.
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