Thursday, July 24, 2014

Sew, a needle pulling thread.

Well, for some reason I had it in my head that I wanted to sew a diaper bag for this baby. Which is sort of crazy because, well, I don't sew.

I mean I still have to look up how to thread the machine, people.

I want to sew. But, I just don't seem to be able to make the time during the school year and if I need to do any trouble shooting, well, just forget it.

But, I had decided I wanted to sew a diaper bag and that's what I set out to do.

Brittany found some discounted canvas in a very cute owl print when she worked at the fabric store. So, I picked that up and it sat for a couple of months on my desk.

Then, around the middle of May I realized that if I was actually going to make this thing then I needed to get on the ball, so to speak.

I went to the store and bought the fabric for the inside, the batting and the thread. And, it sat on my desk. And then I had the baby.

Then, I realized that if I were actually going to use the diaper bag for this baby, it wasn't going to sew itself. And, I need to get on the ball for real.

So, I cut out the fabric and then it sat on my desk for another week while I wondered what in the world I had gotten myself into. Then, I told Bethany, that live or die, I was going to sew that diaper bag on Monday. I did the mechanics and Bethany ran the sewing machine.

Here's how it turned out.........

I LOVE how it turned out!!! There are also four pockets on the inside.

I added these buttons, but otherwise, I followed this tutorial from Sew Christine. The pocket directions were backwards, so make sure to read the comments to get the correct way to fold.

As a matter of fact, I was so pleased with it that I had Bethany help me make one for Brennan. I altered the measurements to make a smaller bag, and I didn't do pockets inside for hers.

Since this was supposed to be "the easiest diaper bag ever" I guess I shouldn't sing my own praises, but it did inspire me to try some other projects and the girls are going to make bags to enter into the fair.

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