Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Tyler's Graduation!

Well, as crazy as it sounds, I have officially graduated my second child from homeschool! Time really does fly by. I feel like we just started a few years ago.

Tyler didn't want to do any photos or announcements, but I pulled my "mom card" and said, "Yes. Yes you do." Here are two of my favorites from my little mini photo shoot. I just took the photos myself with my little camera and edited them.

Tyler also didn't want a ceremony or anything fancy. But, I wanted to do something nice for him, so we had a party in the gym at church. I think it turned out well and I know he appreciated it. We had pizza upon his request, little snack cakes and fruit.

I painted some dollar tree terra cotta pots with yellow and blue and
stuck pictures and star cut-outs on popsicle sticks.
 Simple, inexpensive, yet nice.

I also made a few scrapbook pages for everyone to sign.

Everyone pretty much played four square the whole time.

Tyler's best friend, Matt

An attempted selfie with a one year old

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Helloooo! Remember Me?

Well, I guess this is the season of living a busy life and not blogging about it. Since my last post we've celebrated 5 more birthdays, a graduation, 2 missions trips (one taken and one about to take) one acquired driver's license, several car repairs, finishing up homeschooling, attempted house buying and then there's the normal taking care of a house full of 13 people.

So, yeah. Not much blogging.

Hopefully, I can blog more in the scads of free time I'll have over the summer since we are not homeschooling.

It's awfully hard to type sarcasm.

Does anyone else ever think that? "We're done with homeschool! On to the free time!" But, it seems like we end up busier than during the school year.

Seriously, my goal is to get my life a bit more on track and organized to hopefully make my life a bit easier. And, my plan is to update the blog. I can't always get done everything I want to get done, but we'll see how it goes!
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