Saturday, January 31, 2009

Cookie, cookie, cookie starts with "c"

When you get a cookie craving........

Nestle Toll House to the rescue!


Christian Resources

Couldn't we all use a little encouragement now and then? Here are some links that I have come across that I have found encouraging and informative. (Audrey Broggi was my former pastor's wife when we lived in Beaufort.) (Community Bible Church was the church we attended. AWESOME teaching!) (women’s ministry ideas and devotionals) (info and links for Christian women) (Christian articles) (mandate to pull children out of public schools) (lots of articles) (council on biblical manhood and womanhood- articles/resources) (articles/resources) (encouragement, recipes) (Christian women’s) *(good family/parenting) (Maxwell Family, Managers of their Homes, scheduling) (Familyman Todd Wilson website)

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Homeschooling Resources

Here are some general homeschooling sites I have found helpful. (Andreola’s: Charlotte Mason) (classical) (Bluedorn’s/ classical) (some links) (standards for grade levels) (articles, info. On variety of subjects) (some lesson ideas for each grade) (links to; health info, etc.) (subscribe or free newsletter) (tons of links on diff. subjects) (links to different aspects of homeschooling) (home with the kids-some links) (10 min. history movie online) (free radio show of the week) (articles and info. on various topics) (sign-up; current fee waived, lots of readable stories) (links, discounts page) (bingo card maker) (worksheets)

Monday, January 26, 2009

Monday Musings

Oh, you know it's going to be a good day when:

You wake up with a raging head cold that kept you awake all night because you couldn't breathe through your nose.

You got approximately 17 minutes of sleep all night because of
  1. above mentioned cold

  2. Your stomach hurt all night because you didn't eat enough for dinner and had to get up at 3:30 in the morning to have a leftover bowl of disaster soup.

  3. Your 23 month old is in your bed flopping and kicking you in the face because he has had a raging cold all week.
Everyone complains about what you are serving for breakfast. (It's just biscuits children! Embrace your half-southern heritage!)

Everyone argues over where to sit at the table.

Your almost four year old has a crying meltdown because his sister was standing in his way.

Ah, yes, people, those are the makins' of a good day. Well, at least 24 is on tonight. Come to our rescue, Jack Bauer!!

Here is me with my 36 week pregnant belly:

Friday, January 23, 2009

The Great Soup Distaster of 09

We go to a small Bible study group on Friday evenings with up to 7 families, and we all bring a part of a meal so we can eat together. This week I had signed up to make chicken soup, which is not that difficult-it is a crock pot recipe- and it's good. And, I hadn't yet made it this year. So, I borrowed a friend's crock pot so that I could make a double batch. Usually just one batch will feed our family and one other person signed up to make vegetable soup.

An hour before the soup is done, you take out the chicken- that has been cooking all day in the crock pot- and debone and defat. So, I took out the chicken, put it in a bowl and was gong to pour the remaining soup quickly in a dish to scan for any bones before returning it to the crock pot. Apparently the dish did not think this wise, for as I poured, the bottom of the bowl just cracked right off and all the soup went running onto the counter and onto the floor.

This is 30 minutes before the soup needed to be at the dinner.

I sent David at lightening speed to Bi-Lo to pick up some chicken stock while I deboned the chicken. At least that hadn't been ruined. I took the contents of the other crock pot and poured it into a big pot. I cooked some extra noodles in a seperate pot, added those, and then added the chicken. David got back with the broth with 5 minutes to spare. I added it to the soup and it actually tasted fine.

Then I commensed to sopping up 5 cups of broth off the counter and the floor, while grumbling and swearing and growling having a cheerful attitude that at least the soup was saved.

If you are brave and would like to attempt this recipe, here it is. Just don't pour it into another container.

Country Chicken Soup

1 whole chicken
1 chopped onion
2 sliced carrots
2 tsp. salt
1/4 tsp. pepper
1/2 tsp. basil
3 T. parsley
4 c. water
2 cups frozen mixed vegetables
2-3 cups uncooked flat noodles

Place all ingredients except for the noodles in the crockpot. Cook until the chicken is falling from the bone. Remove chicken and bones from crock pot, get all the meat off the bones and add this and the noodles back to the pot. Cook for one more hour.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Some Pre-K ideas and sites

I've stumbled upon an interesting concept with the little ones. If I just spend about 30 minutes or so doing an activity with them, they are more likely to keep themselves occupied while I am schooling with the older kids. This year is a little different, because my older two are doing more independent work, and I am spending more time teaching the younger ones this year, but this has really helped me since I figured it out. :)

You really could spend the 30 minutes (or more if time and attention allows) doing just about anything. What really worked for us was reading a book and doing a simple activity based on that book. For example, you could read "Blueberries for Sal" and then make some blueberry muffins. Or, make a color book with construction paper and magazine cutouts-one color per page. There are tons of possibilities here and you don't even have to get complicated. Read a Bible story and have them do a color page. The key is the time spent.

I've also found websites that have lessons for the "letter of the week" or the "number of the week" or the "theme of the week" or whatever. These are great because they are learning basics and may make it easier for your organizing and planning. You can plan by week instead of coming up with something totally different each day.

I contributed to a Preschooler E-book for the Old Schoolhouse Magazine that is scheduled to come out in March. I'll keep you updated. There will be some great information in there for Preschoolers.

Here are some links that I have found to be helpful: (preschool lessons, printables) felt stories (some writing printables) (pre-K Bible color pgs., abc & 123 templates, crafts, recipes, felt) (preschool) (tons of preschool) (preschool activities) (preschool resources)*

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Guess What?

Guess what is actually happening for the first time in six years and is falling down outside in the form of big flakey precipitation? And, guess who did not have any batteries anywhere in the house for the camera to take pictures of the youngest three children who have never seen this type of precipitation before in their lives? You guessed it.

I admit I am one of those true deep southern folks who gets a fear of driving and isn't suprised that the entire city shuts down at the first mention of a possible snowflake. I was scheduled to go to a bible study this morning for the first time. I didn't want to miss it, and it wasn't until I was sure the snow wasn't sticking to the road that I decided to go ahead and go.

By the time I got back it had mostly melted off the ground, but is still coming down in big, beautiful flakes. I wonder how long it will last.

Monday, January 19, 2009

Monday Musings

35 weeks and counting.....

I had my 35 week appointment today. All is good. After all the second trimester drama, it is nice that things are uneventful. I dropped three of the kids off at my good friend's house to play and the rest of the bunch is sick and had to stay home. They have sore throats, so I brought home milk shakes to make them feel better. I needed to leave at one, and Tristan asked me all morning if I could go ahead and leave to get his milkshake. David said that while I was gone Tristan was in the kitchen doing a milk shake dance. That crazy kid.

Here is me and my 35 week pregnant belly. I don't think I've done a belly shot since my first baby. I look a little dazed because Brittany's camera batteries were running out so she hurried me into position so we could get the shot.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

So much to do, so little time...

Let me preface this post by saying that no, David has not signed the contract yet. Surprised? The lawyer finally got them done, and he had an appointment to meet with her on Wednesday evening, but he woke up that morning with the entire right side of his face swollen. I did take him to the doctor who put him on two antibiotics (it was an infection) and then I advised him not to meet with her- he looked bad. I mean baaaddd. They had reschuduled for Friday afternoon, but she got held up at another meeting and, alas, the signing did not happen. Perhaps next week?

I will be 35 weeks on Monday and-oh my goodness- did I just say 35 weeks? That means that I have 5 ( and maybe 6-7) more weeks to get it together before I have this baby. I haven't even gotten any of the baby stuff out of storage yet. Actually, I'm not even sure where I am going to even put the baby or any of the baby stuff. Well, my original thought was to get a pack and play with one of those bassinett inserts and the baby could sleep in that in our room. The two little boys destroyed the last pack and play-that was a hand me down- so we really needed a new one anyway. That way I could leave Thomas in his crib a little longer. Then, I realized that Thomas is climbing out of his crib, so should I just go ahead and move him into the double bed under the bunkbed to sleep with Tristan, but then where would Tyler sleep since he and Tristan share the double bed. So, if I brought the crib downstairs then I would have to rearrange our bedroom to make it fit- I would slash through cram and then type "fit" it I knew how to slash through like those other cool bloggers- and then we would still have to get a bed for Tyler. I guess an 11 year old probably doesn't want to sleep with his little brother anyway.

Or, maybe we could still get the pack and play/bassinett since we need one anyway and just take the crib down, so we could put off rearranging our room for a little longer, and store the crib in the closet for a few months. Then, if this baby is a girl, I don't think we could ever fit her up in the girl's room, because there is already a twin bed, bunkbed, dresser and girls' toys. The boys room could possibly fit another boy, but there would already be a bunk bed with double bed on bottom, a twin bed (for Tyler), two dressers and the boys' toys. Or, maybe we could just pull all our hair out, throw up our hands, and go get some ice cream.

I did want to get some freezer meals and the fixins to do some crockpot meals all ready ahead of time, also. And, I want to get a few "fun" things for the kids to do for school for a week or two post-baby. This also starts our birthday-o-rama with Thomas Feb. 12, Tristan Feb. 23, (Baby Due), Anniversary Feb. 25, Bethany Mar. 9, Brooke Apr. 17 and Tyler Apr. 27. I wanted to get some stuff prepped and purchased ahead of time. I really like to do special things for their birthdays, since that is the day all their own, and I never really had special birthdays growing up. We don't always invite friends, and maybe just a close friend or two when we do, but I do like to decorate and make a special cake and anything else that I can think that would make them feel special.

I need to get a new sling, as my last one I got with Timothy has stretched and gotten uncomfortable. I had one of those snuggly carriers with the first two and then bought a generic sling at Wal mart with Timothy. I used it a lot with him, but then got pregant with Brooke when Bethany was 4 months, it was too much on my back to use it with her. I used it with Brooke some, but then we got a double stroller. I used the sling a lot with Tristan, but Thomas didn't like the sling, or to be snuggled. I am not really a baby-wearer all the time, but sometimes it is easier and practical. I'm thinking of the Babyhawk, but I've got a few more kinds to look into first. My old sling didn't sit the baby in the directly in front of me, but off to my side and was uncomfortable, so I like the "frontness" of these. We'll see.


There is probably a lot more I could drone on and on and on about, however, I will close this post now and get to some of this stuff I need to get to.

Monday, January 12, 2009

Monday Musings

I really don't mind being pregnant. I mean, if one can't mind the exhaustion, nausea, stuffiness, nosebleeds, swollen feet, endless doctor visits, hemorroids, cravings, forgetfulness, clumsiness, heart palpitations, heartburn and a digestive system that has come to a screeching halt- that is. But, towards the end I do get tired of answering the same questions a million and fifteen times. Although, out of love for my friends and family- and generally complete strangers- I will continue to answer with a smile. Although it may be a fake one.

Wow, your belly is really out there now! (Thanks for pointing out the fact that I am as big as a house.)

When are you due? (February 23, but I am always late, so please ask me again when I am 40, 41 and almost 42 weeks along and no baby yet.)

How much longer do you have? (Whatever answer I give, please always give me a look that says, "Are you sure you won't be ready to pop tomorrow?")

Are you having twins? (NO, I am just as big as a house, but my one baby could easily be the size of two.)

Have you picked out names? (Bailey Caroline if it's a girl; Travis Clarke if it's a boy. Or, it might just be easier to stick with "Number 8".)

What do you need? (A foot massage, a pound of chocolate and a week in Hawaii?)

Where are you going to put this baby? (Yes, our house is shrinking. I think there's still some room under our bathroom sink.)

Are the kids excited? (Oh, no. Don't be ridiculous. They still dread that we kept the last three.)

Well, you look good. (Translation: Well, for a woman on her eighth pregnancy who is as big as a house, that is.)

Is it a boy or girl? (We are the only ones on the face of the earth with the audacity to not find out the sex ahead of time.)

You know what they say, you can tell if it is a girl by how big your butt is. (Let's just not go there.)

Is this your first baby? Asked by naive strangers. (Why, yes. Yes, it is. Do you have any advice?)

Saturday, January 10, 2009

As if I really need to say it.....

No contract yet!

Still waiting........


David did meet with the all the people and the lady he is actually working for on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. He did a walk through of the downtown building that will be the restaurant and that's much, much further than he'd gotten before. Things ARE starting to get moving here and I honestly think that the contract really WILL be signed at some point next week. He needs to sign it so he can actually be official and actually get PAID.

This will be a new business restaurant, and David will actually be working for the lady as her Chief Financial Officer. She is starting a corporation to include the restaurant, a real estate business, and a foundation. David will be the CFO for the corporation over all three branches.

We are actually waiting on the lawyer who had to write up the contracts, and was actually unavailable this week, because he was in court out of town- or something.

Sooo.....slowly we are getting there.

Friday, January 9, 2009

Holy Contracts, Batman!

It might ACTUALLY HAPPEN TODAY! David may actually be signing the contract this afternoon! I know, I know- take a deep breath and control yourselves. I will be updating as the day goes on.............

Monday, January 5, 2009

Monday Musings

A little about the soon-to-be-not-youngest-baby-in-the-house:

Thomas has been getting in touch with his swashbuckling side and going around the house saying, "Ahoy me hearties!" while holding his little baby doll and pushing his vacuum cleaner.

Keep in mind he also attacks the doll with his toy dinosaurs and runs over the baby with his ride on toy. I hope this is not how he plans to "help" with his new little brother or sister.

Thomas also gets along fabulously with his brothers and sisters, especially Tristan.

Thomas: MOM! MOM! Triss'an call me poo poo head!

Me: Choking down the laughter, "Well, (snort), tell Tristan that is naughty and not to do it again."

Thomas: Running over and smacking Tristan in the head, "Tristan! Naughty!"

A few weeks ago, Thomas gets the iron from my dresser, plugs it in and burns a perfect iron shape into the hallway carpet. Deep breath. Let's just be thankful- it could have been worse.
Thomas also has lovely manners. Yesterday, I was obviously not getting the boy his noodles fast enough, and he not knowing they were called noodles, says:
"MOM! Get me my "this", NOW!

Thursday, January 1, 2009

To Choose

I admit that over the last two months I have been on an emotional rollercoaster with the all the things going on. I've also been having a hard time just functioning, because I have to have a plan and know what's going on at all times. But, obviously, I've not been able to make a plan and I generally have had no control over what's been going on. This has been very hard for me. It's literally been one thing one minute and something else the next. I've felt like the Lord has been giving and then taking away. First, David's old job looked as if there was hope for a turn around, then he got fired. Then, there was the new job he's been offered, but still no contract. The contracts were supposed to be signed before Christmas, now it isn't until the tenth. He was told he'd be making one salary and now it will be less.

Yesterday, I decided that I was fed up with this.

Okay, God.

I am ready to move on.

Sick of waiting.



So, after my morning meltdown, I went over to a friend's to get some books she was getting rid of and then went to the Christian Book store to try and exchange a Veggie Tales that we had been given for Christmas, but already had a copy of. It turns out that the movie was on sale and so I would've had to spend an extra five bucks to get a different Veggie Tales, which I didn't want to do. So, there at the checkout was a display of $5 items and one of them was "Facing the Giants". Much to the displeasure of Tristan (who wanted the Veggie Tales) I went ahead and got that movie.

As I was watching it last night, a line in that movie really struck me. This is an awesome, awesome example of how mighty God can work in your life, by the way. The story is about a high school football coach who seems to have everything going wrong for him. Then, some amazing things start happening once he decides to give it all over to God. He tells his team that they are wasting their time if all they are there for is just to win games. After several wins, they suffer a devastating loss. The line is:

"We will Praise God when we win, and we will praise Him when we lose."

That is what it's all about. Praising Him.

I seem to have forgotten to "Praise Him when he gives, and Praise Him when he takes away."

That is such a hard place to be. But, when you finally get there, it is such a tremendous relief. Now, I feel like I can "move on."

Another part of the movie that really spoke to me was when a an older gentleman, who walked the halls praying for all the students, went to the coach and told him that God wanted him to "bloom where he was planted" because he hadn't lost his job yet. (His job was at stake, if the team didn't make a turnaround.) Then he told the story of two men who needed rain for their crops. Both prayed for rain, but only one went out to prepare his field to receive it. Which man trusted God the most? Which man was he?

Why would a football movie speak to me, especially when I totally dislike football? Well, God does find often humorous ways get His point across.

I will be the man, er woman, who will go out and prepare the field and trust that God will bring the rain. And trust that God will give me the strenth to trust him to bring the rain.
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