Tuesday, June 25, 2013

A Visit to Ye Olde Festival

I took the kids to student day at the Castle in Muskogee for this year's Renaissance Festival. We have been before, but this was our first trip to this one. Actually the first time I went to a Renaissance festival was in Hawaii when David and I were first married!

A "coo" in Scottish (I think?), also known as a "cow".

Bailey freaking out from the goat.

Aboard the pirate ship, me hearty! Argh!

"We'll add these deck hands to our crew!" "Argh!"

What the?  Gandolf?


Brooke the Red

Tristan of Alexander

Travis of Clarke. This picture just says it all, really.

 Keep it up and this is your future, Buddy!

Bethany of Paige

The joust was cut a bit short because this knight got hurt. For real.

The King and Queen whom we avoided. Remember this?

Brennan of Avery

Fare thee well!

Brittany's Graduation: Class of 2013!

Is it really possible?

My oldest child has really graduated from high school?

From home school?

It really seems like I was thinking just yesterday that we still had a few years left until I had to start planning for high school, and now high school is OVER. Well, next month I will start a new chapter in my life- having an adult child who I am no longer homeschooling. It really is bittersweet, I guess. You plan for 18 years that one day they will become their own person, and when it really happens, well, it's a little sad.

But, I know that Brittany is a confident, smart, outgoing young lady with a heart for serving Jesus, so really, what's to be sad about? I know she'll succeed.

We had a simple ceremony, which is what she wanted. David and I shared a few words, gave her a diploma and then it was P-A-R-T-Y!

She wanted a vintage 50's diner theme. Everything turned out very nicely and I think it was special for her.

Brittany and Tyler

Brittany and Bailey

Brittany and Timothy

Brittany and Tristan

 Brittany and Bethany

 Brittany, Katie and Jordan

Brittany and Victoria

Brittany with Uncle Craig and Aunt Cassandra


Monday, June 17, 2013

Monday Musings

My technology- minded children:

Bailey (4): Can you scroll down the windows? It's hot in here.

Thomas (6): I only have one imaginary friend left. I deleted all the rest.

Thursday, June 13, 2013


For the last six months I feel like I've been hurling through life like a bullet train, but now I'm ready to just meander along on one of those push cart thingys.

And, then I get behind on posting things that I had wanted to post, but didn't have time to, then I get overwhelmed and can't get caught up.

And, then Brittany graduates and leaves for her missions trip. And, two kids go off to church camp.

And, Travis starts potty training, Bailey gets a metal ring from a flashlight stuck on her finger and David's van breaks down.

You know, the usual things that keep me busy.

So, for my own sake, I'm planning to catch up on my blog posts.

Starting tomorrow.  Most likely.

Or the day after.

Unless one of the children decides to coat themselves in peanut butter or something.

Not like that's ever happened before or anything.

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