Monday, October 19, 2009

Not Me Monday

Along with McMama, I rememebered a few things that I have NOT done lately.

I did not take my four year old to Target barefoot because his brother threw out his tennis shoes when the strap broke and we could not find his other clog.

It was also not pouring down rain.

And I didn't also take his two year old brother because I like to make things easy on myself.

I did not mail the vehicle tax check to the student loan company. I am far, far too on-top-of-things to make such a mistake. And, they totally didn't cash it anyway, because I think that would be somewhat illegal.

I did not make brownies in my beloved faux George Foreman grill, because we all know that brownies would be entirely too dense to retrieve.

Update: I have also totally not lost my mind, since this is the waffle maker, NOT the George Foreman. Duh!

And my children

most certainly did not

proceed to eat them anyway.

Friday, October 9, 2009

Once Upon a Time....

....there was a little girl who loved books. She would fuss and fuss, but get happy if you hand her a book.

And she lived happily



Tuesday, October 6, 2009

I Can't Believe It's Butter!

The older boys and the younger kids are studying 1800's American History this year. I've been reading Little House on the Prairie to the younger kids and we decided to make butter.

First, take a little cream......

Then, take a jar with a lid. We didn't have a glass jar, but we did have Daddy's hunting thermos.....

After you shake, shake, shake.........

Yummy, creamy, butter!

They like it!

Monday, October 5, 2009

Monday Musings

Two year old sayings are so cute.

Two year old Thomas says as we are driving down the road, "Mom! There's the moon! And, that (a star) is a firework."

Thomas looks out for his baby sister. He was playing dinosaurs while she was lying next to him on the floor. I told him to give her one of the dinosaurs to play with and he said, "Bailey is too young to play with dinosaurs."

Timothy had some balloons for his birthday. (Granny, we were being VERY careful.) Thomas got one and said, "Will you blow this down for me?" He wanted to let the air out!

Friday, October 2, 2009

Queen of the Wild Frontier

Some interesting and unusual characters have shown up at our house recently.

Bailey Crockett, Queen of the Wild Frontier

Master Shifu

The Alligator Wrestler

These are strange, strange times.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Recess verses Bambi

A few weeks ago David's grandparents sent us a huge box of kids' videos that they didn't need cluttering up there house anymore. Of course, our kids were beside themselves with joy, and couldn't decide what to watch first.

When kids are involved I love vidoes. They are far, far more durable than DVD's. When my two year old even mentions the name of a DVD it gets scratched, much less when he climbs the TV stand when no one is looking, pushes the exact button to open the player, takes it out and carries it with his teeth as he is climbing back down.


So has been the demise of many DVDs.

But the vidoes.

Ah, the vidoes.

Those things can get stepped on, thrown across the room, and carried by teeth and they still will work. You can even retrieve a peanut butter sandwich from a VCR and the VCR isn't even mildly offended. A DVD player however, will turn it's delicate nose up at the sight of a toddler and even one touch of a two year old hand will cause it to cry out in anguish, it's little disk tray never to return to normal.

So has been the demise of many DVD players.

The kids finally decided what videos to watch and in what order. One of the younger girls wanted to watch Bambi. (I remember going to see Bambi in the movie theater when it was NEW.) Timothy, on the other hand, didn't want to watch Bambi. He wanted to watch Recess Christmas Special. (That one perhaps will mysteriously disappear into the trash. Mysteriously.) Timothy came to me expressing his lack of desire to watch Bambi.

Timothy: I really, really don't want to watch Bambi!

Me: Bambi? How could you not like Bambi? I mean how could you not like Bambi?

Timothy: I don't like it. I'd rather watch Recess Christmas.

Me: Okay. What does Recess Christmas have that Bambi doesn't have?

Timothy: Mankind!
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