Monday, September 3, 2007

Monday Musings

Okay, now that my homeschool planning is actually done (yah!) and today I will be cleaning my house, I might actually get to post on my blog more than once a week. Amazing! Okay I still have to come up with another schedule since we will start our tae kwon do class in the afternoons instead of the evenings. I was reluctant to give up two afternoons of prime homeschooing time, but if I didn't, we would have been at tae kwon do from Brooke's class at 5pm til mine ended at 8:30pm. So.........I still have a month to work on that since we don't start that class til October 2nd.
And now for Monday musings.....
When Brittany was 5, I was pregnant with Timothy. She asked me why he was in my tummy. I gave the usual anwers about how he needed to be in there to grow, etc. and how she used to be in my tummy before, too. I thought that was sufficient. She thought for a moment and said with a puzzled face, "Mommy, why did you eat me?"

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