Monday, August 11, 2008

One final cutie birthday boy

Today is Timothy's birthday. He is number three of seven. He is eight years old today. We are going to celebrate with a little party and he's having two friends sleep over. I'm not sure I'll survive! lol I'm not really feeling any better, but usually by week 15 or 16, I'm over the nausea. So, I've got around 6 weeks to go.

Timothy's birth story

I had a rough first trimester with Timothy, same as usual, nausea and exhaustion, but by second trimester I was feeling good. I worked out during the pregnancy and was in good shape, but my hips were killing me. From this baby on, my hip joints are always so sore. I also got a bladder infection (which I do with every pregnancy) but it went undetected because they didn't take urine samples at the OB visits, so finally when I was doubled over in pain, the lab tech assured me it was a kidney stone. I told him that I didn't think so, but finally some lab work revealed the problem. I also had to drink about 10 gallons of water and not go to the bathroom to have my ultrasound done. "You get more accurate readings this way" they said. "Yes, with your fifty year old equipment maybe" is what I was thinking. Who makes a pregnant woman drink gallons of water, and then mash on her abdomen for an hour, without letting her go to the bathroom? Are they insane? I wrote to the head of the hospital and told them I thought some of their procedures needed to change. She actually called me and was very concerned about my concerns. I don't know if they ever changed anything, though.

Anyway, I started contractions on my due date of 8/08/00 (Tuesday) The day just went on and they weren't getting any closer together. By the next day, they were stronger, but not closer-maybe 15 minutes apart. I went to the doctor for a regular appointment and he told me we could go on ahead over to the hospital and he would give me some pitocin and speed things along. I really didn't want to do that, so I told him to wait it out a little longer. I went ahead and served in the church nursery that night. So by the next day, the contractions were stronger still, but still not closer together. So, I went ahead to my Mom's church group. My mom had taken Brittany and Tyler for the week, so it was just David and me. We went to dinner on Thursday night and walked around and around and around down town Beaufort to see if that would make a difference. And, it did not. So, we decided that we would go ahead and go on in on Friday and get the pitocin.

We went in on Friday morning, and I couldn't stop crying. I just didn't want the pitocin. They admitted me at 9, started the pitocin and and I went ahead and got the epidural. I had been seen by Navy doctors at the Naval Station for my OB appointment, but they didn't deliver babies there, so I actually went to the civilian hospital to deliver with my Naval doctor. Of course, my epidural didn't take all the way, so my entire right side was still hurting. Then around 1:00 pm it was time to push. I don't remember pushing very long, but that could be because the epidural made me throw up several times, so that was the bulk of the pushing. The doctor said, "Wow, Ms. Sanchez! You have yourself a ten pound baby boy!" This same doctor assured me before birth that the baby was around 71/2 pounds. (If you've ever carried a ten pound baby, you know the difference!) He was actually 9 pounds 13 ounces and 21 inches.

I recovered very well, Timothy was very healthy and all was happy. And this hospital had the best hospital food, ever. They even brought me a turkey sandwich, fruit and coconut cake just for my evening snack. Yum!

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