Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Math U See Decimal Street

All the kids are using Math U See this year, and so far it is working out wonderfully. All the kids are eager to watch their DVD lessons and even Tristan (4) wants to watch the Primer DVDs. I had kept the Decimal Street lapbook in the back of my mind, but just decided to go ahead and make one out of posterboard. Both examples are on the Math U See blog. But, I didn't want to use one whole posterboard for just one decimal street, so I modified it a bit. These are used in the lower programs to teach place value.

I made four of these for the three youngest kids doing the program, and 2 year old Thomas who sometimes doesn't want to be left out.

I took a large posterboard sheet and cut it in two longwise. The large red castle is two red file folders taped together and the red, green, and sun are all cardstock just pasted on. The road is construction paper.
I glued on the file folder and card stock and then used my old laminating trick-clear packing tape. I love using that for laminating. I also use clear contact paper, but I just thought tape would be easier for this project.

I did actually use the clear contact paper to laminate the little cars. I googled something like "car clip art" and found this little car. I pasted it onto Word and sized it up just a little, colored them, cut them out and pasted on some numbers that I alread had printed for something else a while back. Then, laminated them with contact paper. I took a close up picture, but then realized that I had the flash on and it was too bright. And, I didn't remember how to turn it off. I really need to learn to use that camera after seven years now.

Pretty easy, yet I feel like I accomplished something!

On the back are these neat stickers I found at the Dollar Tree. There were many different kinds, but here are the shapes, number chart, addition and subtraction charts. I just stuck them on the back of the decimal street. They were the "Educational Sticker Charts". I just heart Dollar Tree!


Kathleen said...

You are so creative! What a great hands-on way to learn place value!

Anonymous said...

I love your decimal street! Ours is just plain! Very creative!

Joyful said...

I am so glad you were able to figure out Math-U-See.
We bought it and had to change back to Saxon. That was ok. But, I liked the videos with Math-U-See.
We really weren't very happy with any math curriculum. We eventually changed to Aleks. Older son hated Aleks. I liked the way it keeps track of their progress.

Anonymous said...

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