Tuesday, April 13, 2010

The technically free purse

Before we left South Carolina, I was in the market for a new purse. Well, not necessarily a "new" one, but a bigger one. My smallish $3 Goodwill purse wasn't working for me anymore. (If you see that Goodwill is a trend on this blog, you would be right.)

I decided that I would keep my eye out for a purse, but Goodwill can sometimes be expensive and sometimes the nicer purses are priced a bit high. So, I decided to just browse through the purse section at Wal-Mart, since I was there. Just in case they might possibly have something interesting.

And they did!

They had several good sized purses on clearance for $9. Some had patterns, but I decided on this cream one. So it wouldn't clash with my clothing, of course.

Now, I had $8 in my wallet that I had acquired earlier that day. Who knew that the happiest place on earth, which I like to call Kroger, gives you the cash value back for the coupons that you totally forgot to bring with you shopping because you have pregnancy brain, if you take them and your receipt to the customer service desk? Well, I didn't know that little snippet of information until I was standing at the register saying, "Arrg! I forgot my coupons!" And the lady said, "Don't worry, they'll give you a refund for them at the customer service desk if you bring in your receipt."

And I said, "Really? Well, I'll be dog!" (I am from the south, you know.)

So I, on my return trip to Kroger, went to the customer service desk, with receipt and coupons in hand, and made myself $8.60. And, another reason I like Kroger is because they send me "ten percent off your order" coupons, among others, very regularly. Maybe they just feel the need to give back a little since my family along could keep them in business for a week.

When I took my new, discounted, cream purse to the register at Wal-Mart, it was not $9. Gasp! It was discounted down to $7. (If you see the trend that I don't pay full price for anything, you would be right.)

So, technically, the purse was free, because technically I wouldn't have had the $8 in my wallet had Kroger not sent me the coupons in the first place. Or, technically if I had never taken them back in to the customer service for the refund. But, because technically they did, and I did, and the purse was discounted down to $7, then I think it was technically free. Whoopee!


Amy Lynne said...

I love it when the price is even lower than I thought it was going to be! Nice surprise!

Kristi Follett said...

Way to go taking in those coupons! I LOVE it! I am telling people that Kroger does that.

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