Tuesday, May 10, 2011

A Yard Sale and Mother's Day

The youth group for our church had a big yard sale on Saturday to raise money for the youth group to go on missions trips. They have a big trip coming up to Tennessee at the end of this month. They did a bake sale and car wash to go with it. They raised about $1800! I made about almost a hundred pretzels and two pound cakes.

Marsha, I hope you would be proud. (I didn't have any cute chocolate molds, so we just did sprinkles. However, they were dinosaur sprinkles.)

On Mother's Day (and for Fathers on Father's day) our church honors mother's with roses for those who are the oldest moms, youngest moms, moms who travelled the farthest that day, etc.

I keep winning the "Mom with the most children" catagory.

Who would've thought?

The kids spoiled me with some treasures from the yard sale and David took me to see Thor that afternoon, with ice cream at Braum's afterwards.

I had a blessed day.


Wendy said...

The pretzels and cake look great! Congratulations to everyone for doing such a great job.

Was Thor any good? I'm glad you had a nice Mother's Day. I was rather spoiled too :)

Marsha said...

You did an awesome job with the pretzels! Makes me want to go make some right now. ;)

Glad you had a great Mother's Day! And the bake sale went so well!

Courtney said...

Thanks, Marsha and Wendy!

Yes, Wendy, Thor was actually really good. I'm not big on "superhero" movies, but it held my attentiont the entire time. Definately worth seeing.

Anonymous said...

those pretzels look good and i don't even like pretzels lol! what is that ioing? or white choc? Hope they have fun fun on their trip!! Love ya'll ~Amy

Anonymous said...

Icing* lol mispelled it :)

Courtney said...

Amy, It's vanilla flavored almond bark- we tried chocolate flavored too-delicious! You can also use candy melts from the craft section at wal mart or michaels.

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