Thursday, October 13, 2011

Field Trip to the Tulsa Zoo

It was time to take a little field trip over to the zoo. The kids had free tickets from the library summer reading program and our internet company happened to send us two free admissions with our last bill so that = free trip to the zoo!

Now, we did love our dear Riverbanks Zoo back in Columbia. It really is one of the nicest zoos I've been to.

Tulsa Zoo has a lot more acreage than Riverbanks, but it really is more spead out, so there may even be fewer animal exhibits.

Tulsa Zoo has several buildings that are basically a living history type musuem with lots of hands on activites. Unfortunately, our two favorite buildings were closed for repairs.

At Riverbanks, you have to eat your lunch outside the gate, but at Tulsa Zoo you can bring your lunch inside and sit at one of the many picnic tables or the big playground in the center.

Neither zoo has a surviving polar bear.

Strike a pose.

So, I would say, we will give equal amount of fondness to both zoos.

Last Saturday evening we headed back to the zoo for a wedding. A wedding at the Zoo?? Yes, it actually was quite nice and we even got to ride the train 4 times.

We were the last ones to leave. The kids could've ridden the train til midnight, I'm sure.




Wendy said...

Love all the pics of the kids! And that you live fairly close to another good zoo!

Marsha said...

Looks like a great zoo! AND you get to eat inside at a picnic table. Awesome!!!

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