Saturday, December 24, 2011

Last Sunday the kids did their annual Christmas program.

Timothy is in the back with the white shirt, Brooke is one row down and over in purple and Bethany is in the far right corner with the red and white striped sweater. My neice Emma is next to Bethany and my niece Dadriana (short, blond hair)and nephew Nolan are in the front row.

Since we had been coming off of a week of rounds one and two of stomach virus and round one of sinus cold, this guy wasn't feeling well.
Can you feel the pitifulness?

These pictures are from about 3 Sundays ago when our church does it's Hanging of the Greens program.
Narrators tell the story of Jesus and the significance of the decorations while the kids bring them all out and decorate the church.

The babies and toddlers bring presents out to put under the tree. Look at Travis in his red turtleneck. He's all ready to go up on stage with his present. And Bailey, in her blue and white dress.
Of course, when it was time to put the presents on stage, they clung to and hid behind my legs and did NOT want to put their presents on stage. Of course.

The kids also did a song from the program from last Sunday after the Hanging of the Green. Thomas was part of this song with his white vest. So cute!


Wendy said...

Wish we could have been there! Hope you all had a very Merry Christmas!

Courtney said...

We did! Wish we could see y'all as well!

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