Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Baby Bangs and Sickness

Brennan is doing great, but the rest of the family has succombed to some fever, head cold thing. This is at the tail end of a week of a mild stomach virus.

I say mild, because there are varying degrees of stomach virus in a house with many kids. When you consider how bad a stomach virus could be on a scale of 1-10, (and there have been our share of 10s) then this was around a 1. Thankfully.

So, I'm a little tired from that, and the fact that we just started our third week of school, and I had clean out my closet since I am at that in between stage of clothing where I have nothing that fits. Except for the maternity clothes, but who wants to continue to wear maternity clothes after the baby is born?

I noticed this time around that I have baby bangs. I had no idea there was such a thing until I read a blog about them. It's lots of wispy little new hair growth around your hair line. The only problem is that mine are gray! I think I'm hitting that threshold where it's either dye it or go gray. Dying it would be so much upkeep. My stylist sister in law suggested highlights, so I might do that. I just don't know. Hair dye and wrinkle cream. There is just so much maintenance in the old age.

And, time is certainly flying by because today, Brennan rolled over from her stomach to her back!


Dawn said...

Okay, I dye my hair, but I'll tell you why. My hubs comes from a long line of men who NEVER go gray.
He is 47 and has zero gray hairs on his head. Now his beard has white hairs in it, but his head hair is as brown as the day he was born.
My hair, after ten chi8ldren, is just ugly. I mean, I think it is...I haven't actually seen the real thing in so long...anyway, it is very black with lots of white.

My natural color used to be a sort of medium brown with lots of red highlights. And that's exactly what it is now, except it costs me a tidy sum of money once every five weeks to get it to look like that.
So there you have it. I dye my hair. And I will continue to dye my hair until my hubby either goes bald or...well, I don't know what.

And this is the end of the weirdest comment ever.

Wendy said...

I'm right there with you on the grey and what do I do now stage. I heard the same thing about dying hair and have considered highlights too.

We're just hitting some colds around here, I'm glad you had a mild bout hit your house.

Seriously? Rolling over already??

Courtney said...

Lol Dawn! Well, I'm really torn because my mom let her hair go gray-well more salt and pepper like- and it always looked really good. And David is quite salt and peppery. BUT, I don't know if I'm ready to be gray, yet!

Wendy, This girl is on the move- she has to try keep up with the nine other kids I guess!

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