Saturday, September 14, 2013

Signazon Review!

I was very excited when Signazon contacted me about doing a review of one of their products.

Banners seem to be very popular these days. I've seen them all over the internet, so I chose a banner to do my review on.

I thought a birthday banner would be perfect, because, well we have 12 birthdays in our family and it certainly would get lots of use!

I headed over to their website and chose one of the pre-made templates. Then, I customized it for our family.

THIS is the template I chose. The tools are very user-friendly and there were many other templates to choose from. You can also upload a picture to place on your banner, but since I wanted something I could use for everyone, I decided to not add one.

The banner turned out great! It even arrived in time for Brennan's birthday!  The banner has grommets for easy hanging and I was also sent an email with helpful tips for using and hanging it. The website was very easy to navigate and the customer service was excellent, as well. I would definitely order from this company again.

Now, where are the pictures of this awesome banner and that sweet little darling Brennan you ask?

Well. Nothing can ever go smoothly, can it?

I planned to post pictures of the awesome banner that said "A Very Happy Birthday to You!" and the cute little birthday girl sticking her face in her pink cake, but since I still don't have a camera, Brittany took pictures with hers and when she went to download them noticed her memory card is broken on the edge and wouldn't download. So, we tried the power cord that came with my old camera and it still wouldn't work on her computer and I couldn't download them onto my laptop, because my laptop DIED.

So, essentially, her camera is holding my pictures hostage.

So, when the ransom is paid, which hopefully will be soon, I can post said pictures.

I know.

I feel badly about leaving you in suspense.

So, while you wait, how about running over there to Signazon and making your own awesome birthday banner (or business cards, or window clings or magnets, or.......)?

Just fyi, all opinions are my own.

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