Monday, October 13, 2014

At the Fair!

For the last few years I had been planning for the kids to enter something into the Tulsa State Fair. But, life always seems to get away from me and then it's one of those things that just never happens.  

But, this year I was determined that things were going to be different.

I told the girls to look on the internet and find a tote bag they wanted to make. I knew they could do a great job, considering how well the diaper bags turned out.

Bethany chose a smaller bag with a decorative ruffle and flower on the front. Brooke chose more of a "scrunchy" type bag with a belt for a strap.

Tristan and Thomas made Lego designs. There are always a ton of Lego entries at the fair. But, the boys were very creative.

Thomas and Tristan got participation awards for their Legos.

Brooke took 2nd place for her bag!

Bethany took 1st place for her bag!

David took pictures of their stuff in the display cases.

I am so proud of them. I thought it would be something neat for them to do. They are trying to convince me to enter one of my scrapbook pages for next year. We'll see!

Our fair also has a lot of neat stuff for kids. They have an entire building devoted to hands on exhibits for the younger crowd and it's FREE with the paid entrance ticket. There is a petting zoo, sand pit, science labs, ride on toys for the very littles, a ball pit, balloon animals and craft tables.

Here the kids are scaling the rock wall....

One thing I love about the fair is the food.

I mean, really. When else are you going to eat deep fried red velvet Oreos? (Every day of my life if I could.)

Or, scorpion pizza? (NO thanky.)

We also had a funnel cake, grilled corn, deep fried Reese's  (which weren't as good as the Oreos), giant corn dogs, fried green tomatoes and lemonade.

Don't worry, we burned all those calories walking and sweating back to the van.

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