Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Truck Event at Martin Library!

A branch of our local library hosted a "touch a truck" event two weekends ago. I took the kids last year, and we decided to go again this year. And, it was gorgeous weather that morning. A star-car group in Tulsa brought some of their personal cars out to show. Wouldn't this be fun to ride around in?

A man from the electric company talked about electricity safety. He cooked
a hot dog with the end of that little power line.

This is what happens to sand when a live power line touches it. 


 These two were the only originals there-the original fast and furious movie set cars.

I don't remember the name of this local band, but they were so nice to let the kids
come up and play instruments. Although Tristan was the only brave one of my group to go play.

The news on six storm chasing truck and Von Castor, a local storm chaser. He was
super nice and David stood and chatted with him a long time.

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