Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Renaissance Festival

The kids and I went to the annual Renaissance festival held north of Charlotte today. We had a great time. We had the "priviledge" of watching a sword swallower which had everyone freaked out for the rest of the day, and a cool jousting tournament. Brittany bought a pretty feather fan to replace the one the little girls tore up from last time :( The boys still have their wooden swords and shields and daggers from last time. (Dad just had to buy them "for the boys".) The only bad side was the traffic to get in . We went 6 miles in 45 minutes! David didn't go because he wasn't feeling well. :( So, yes, I braved the fest alone with all 7. I did run into a few friends.

At least we weren't a "show stopper" this time. The first time we came to the fest the royal procession was making it's way down the path. I saw them and I knew what was coming. David had left me standing there with the kids while he was off getting a drink or something so I was on my own.

The procession stopped right in front of us and the King said (to me), "My! Do all of these children belong to you? A regular baby factory!" After the Queen firmly planted her elbow into her Majesty's ribcage, she said, "You have a most beautiful family!" And as we exchanged smiles, the royal procession went on its way.

Farewell until the morrow. I bid thee good eventide. (Translation: Bye!)

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