Saturday, October 6, 2007

Yard Sales

Today my 12 y.o. daughter and I went out to the yardsales-one of our favorite things to do. I was really pleased with what I found. i spent about $30 and bought the following
3 jeans and 2 shirts for the boys, 5 playstation games (we do video games, but I'm very particular), 4 books on tape, The Real Mother Goose Nursery Rhymes book, Collection of Beatrix Potter stories with her original drawings, 4 baby board books, 3 books for homeschool, a baseball glove, a Melissa & Doug solar system puzzle, 3 preschool puzzles and a Fisher Price musical chair for the baby.
My daugher found the cutest tea set with china doll in a white wicker basket for $4 (her most exciting find!), an almost unused scrapbook kit for $1, some well-kept barbies and clothes, and some slip-on Keds for $1.
We usually only do the big neighborhood sales in the spring and fall. The other sale we went to this fall was a few weeks ago. I found some Amazing Animals vidoes, a presidential Fandex and some homeschool books for $1 apiece. Most of the kids clothes, toys and homeschool/educational stuff comes from yard sales. You have to be selective and most people are ready to bargain if you ask.
I think that this was the last biggest sale for the fall. We'll have to wait til spring. :( but, we have been very excited with all our good finds. :)

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