Monday, February 4, 2008

Monday Musings

After last Friday's Tae Kwon Do graduation, I am officially a blue belt. Only 4 more to go til black belt. Someone took some pictures and emailed them to me, so I posted them on the sidebar. Brooke and Bethany graduated also, but there weren't any good pictures of them. :( Brittany, Tyler and Timothy did what was called a "midterm". They had to learn a form and will have to do two more midterms to make their 2nd degree black belts. That will take over a year. Brittany is wearing a red top- that means that she is an instructor trainee. You have to accumulate so many hours and you will become a certified instructor. (You must be at least 12 and a black belt.) Tyler is wearing a blue top which means he is a junior instructor trainee. It is the same kind of program, but you are under 12 and a black belt. I however, don't want to become an instructor right now. I teach stuff all day every day and it's nice to just zone out and be told what to do for 45 minutes!
Anyway, there are two other homeschooling moms that take the class with me and they are in the slideshow. I think we are collectively (and maybe affectionately) known as "the moms". So, for 45 minutes on Tuesday and Wednesday afternoons, and for sparring on Friday nights, we are stepping waaayy out of our comfort zones to jump, spin, kick and punch. And that's just getting the kids ready to go to class.
Just kidding. :)

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