Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Monday Musings

I had meant to post this yesterday, but I just didn't have time. I had the baby ultrasound yesterday and all is fine with the little one. I am 27 weeks with a due date on Tristan's birthday, February 23. Now, we all know it will be March before I actually have the baby. LOL Unfortunately, I did not pass the glucose test, which means I have to drag myself at 5:30 am over to the hospital next Monday for the three hour test. There is also one more health issue that I should have the results by the same Monday.

David has an interview this morning. We are praying, praying that this is what God wants for us. Things are pointing in this direction. Hopefully we will know more by this afternoon.
Our computers have not been getting a good internet connection lately. It takes forever to download something, worse than dial up. We thought maybe it is the router, so we unplugged mine from the router and just plugged David's straight into the internet connection. Anyway, that leaves my computer without internet. The kids always are asking to play on my computer and when I said it wasn't working, Tristan said, "Did your computer run out of gas?" :)

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