Friday, December 12, 2008

This week

My, my how time has flown. Is it really less than two weeks from Christmas already? We are supposed to be doing school work today, but we aren't. Instead we are going to do some major clutter/house reorganizing. David will be helping me since he is at home. (Yes, still waiting on the J-O-B.)

Wednesday we had a pet for the morning. A pit bull wandered into our yard and got its leash stuck on our garbage can wheel. So I went out (no, I'm not a dog-a-phobe) and unhooked him. He really was a friendly dog, but definately a puppy. Did NOT know the meaning of "sit". So, I hooked him to our front porch in hopes that someone would come looking and see him there. But, no one did. The kids had already named him- Stucky or something like that- because he kept getting stuck with his chain around the porch post. Not the smartest dog.......

Anyway, I went ahead and called animal control who planned to send someone out. We couldn't keep him long, I mean he was a pit bull and they are so unpredicatable. And, no my children only watched the dog through the front door. They didn't get to pet him.

Animal control called me back after about 15 minutes and told me the owner had called and lived two streets over and would be there to get him shortly. So, that was the end of our brief adventure as pet owners. Well, we were really just pet sitters.

Tomorrow, Lowe's is having a "Make your own project" day, and they are cute wooden gingerbread houses, So, we are going to head over there in the morning, then take in our Scholastic warehouse sale afterwards. I really didn't plan to go, but Brittany is begging to look for more Royal Diaries to add to her collection. They've had them in the past for $1 apiece.
On Sunday, we'll head over to the annual Blythewood Christmas parade in the afternoon. We've gone every year for about the past 6 years or so. The kids love it when they throw out candy. So, then next week we will be homeschooling to the max, to make up for this week's distractions.

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