Tuesday, March 3, 2009

My poor baby ticker bear has fallen off the map. No contractions, no baby. We have been advised by the midwife to try to start labor the old fashioned way. (It's exactly what you're thinking. Isn't it interesting how the very thing to get you into that predicament is the same thing that is supposed to get you out of it?) But, apparently that doesn't work for me. Only with normal people, as does walking and spicy food.

I had an ultrasound yesterday at the 41 week mark that gave me some really enlightening news.

There is a baby in there.

It is not coming out.

And, it's so far down we couldn't see it's face.

Yeah. I KNOW how far down it is. I didn't need to pay $600 for an ultrasound to tell me that! Have I ranted before about rising medical costs because if I haven't I am now. Especially since we have no insurance right now and are paying cash for this baby. And, I guess I won't be having the epidural since I'm paying for the doggone thing. Yes, I think I am that cheap.

But, I guess it was reassuring to find out that all is okay with baby.

The next plan of action is to have a non-stress test on Friday. I don't really see the point since I just had the ultrasound to check everything. (The baby is fine. I am the one stressed!) Then, schedule an induction for Monday. However, that is Bethany's birthday. What to do....what to do.....

Hopefully the baby will just decide to go ahead and show up before Friday.

I guess it's a good thing the baby hasn't come yet, because I'm fairly sure that what the kids have is hand, foot and mouth. They had this three years ago when it was going around, but I haven't heard anything about it going around this time. Their symptoms fits the description and I suspected it when Tristan's hands started breaking out into blisters last night. His hands look soooo awful! I know he is miserable. It lasts a good week, and they started to get sick last Wednesday, so if the baby comes in a day or two, by the time we get home, hopefully they will all be well.

Today, Tristan's nose was running and he said, "Mom, my snot is falling down."

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Kathleen said...

Praying for you!

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