Wednesday, March 4, 2009

You wouldn't believe me if I told you

This morning we woke up to "eeeekkkkk, squeeeek, squeeeeeeellllllllll, squeeeelllllll, eeeekkkkk, eekkkkkkkkk, squeeelllllll, squeeellllllll".



That's probably not a good thing.

It appears that our heating and air unit has breathed it's last. It is the original with the house, 25 years old, and we knew it was coming, but it would have been nice to hold on a little longer. Well, at least we are expecting weather in the 70's next week.

Tristan's hands look totally worse. Without being too graphic, he has what look like huge fever blisters on both hands. While I have gotten them on my lip before, I have never heard of them being on hands. It looks totally awful and I know he must be miserable. Perhaps the kids don't have hand, foot and mouth. Just some weird virus and his immune system was compromised just enough to let the virus break out on his hands. And, his hands are very susceptible to eczema breakouts normally. Very puzzling. I hate taking him to the doctor just for them to tell me that there's not much you can do for fever blisters on hands-if that's what it is. And I already know there isn't much you can do to treat them. They mostly just have to clear up on there on for about a week. I can't think of anything else it could be. I googled and all I could come up with were links to hand, foot and mouth. Maybe this is just a worse case scenario for it. Has anyone else heard of such a thing? I just hate seeing my baby miserable.

And, why when kids have to cough, do they turn straight into your face to do it? If I was going to catch this whatever it is, then I would have already gotten it for sure by now. "I need to cough. Where's mommy's face?" Or "I need to sneeze. Where is mommy's plate of food?"

Poor Thomas must just be delusional (sp?) from his fever. This morning he was sleeping on my bed with me. He woke up from sleeping and said, "A duck and a cow, Okay?", and then closed his eyes and went back to sleep. (LOL)

On and ending note, I find it ironic that I hate to be late in life. I will rush, and rush just to make sure I am not late anywhere (although with a husband and 7 kids it is still a little difficult) but, I absolutely hate to be late. So, what is the deal with all of my babies making there grand entrances nothing else but


Just possibly God has a sense of humor.

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Dena said...

For his hands, could it be dishydrotic excema? For me, it starts out as tiny fluid filled blisters on a fingertip, then spreads to other fingers and down towards my palm. Hot vinegar water soaks feel great and dry out the blisters. Then I apply salve to moisturize the skin.

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