Tuesday, May 27, 2008

a concert

David and I celebrated our anniversary a little early last Friday evening and went to the Winter Jam concert. The Christian group Newsong hosts the concert and tours with several other musicians. We had gone just one other time- seven years ago when we had first come to Columbia. So, we got there a little late, we went to eat beforehand. We heard all of Newsong and the looong intermission between them and the next act.
Skillet was performing next. First, of all I'm not sure what a "skillet" has to do with God. Second, I thought we were going to have to run for our lives from all the fire and pyrotechnics. I am not ultra conservative, but I felt that what they were performing was not honoring to God. I felt like I was back in my pre-christian Nirvana/hard rock days. I also felt that the suicide/war images that were flashing on the big screen, the thrashing, and the "Satan hand signs" were not honoring to God. I hadn't gone to that concert to "bang my head". I went to worship the Lord. Maybe they expected me to worship while I listened to the rock and roll that would "melt my face off" as the band leader proudly declared. They were also self proclaimed "Jesus Freaks". Yes I saw a lot of "freak" but absolutely no Jesus. As the Psalm says "Sing praises to the Lord". I'm not in the business of judging who is saved and who isn't, but these lyrics were no praises to the Lord. As a believer, you shouldn't want to listen to singing that dwells on the despair and inhumanity of the world. Jesus defeated that already.
To say the least, David and I were utterly disgusted. We sat sort of stunned for the 20 minutes they played and then we left. Newsong should be ashamed to have asked them on this tour. At one point I had considered letting David take the older two kids and I'd stay home with the little kids. Praise God he didn't allow that to work out. I would not take my kids anywhere near that. I felt sorry for the parents who had brought their children thinking they were in for a family friendly environment.

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