Friday, July 10, 2009

Math Resources......

Math is not my best subject. I don't hate math, but I guess I don't love it either. Math and I have a nuetral relationship.

We have done Saxon math in the past. It is a teacher led program until 4th grade when it becomes a student led program. It is fairly dry, the student reads the lesson and then does the lesson. My oldest doesn't like this. She "never" understands the lesson and I always end up reading and explaining the whole thing to her. She has basically shut down on Saxon. So, this year we are going to switch to Math U See. I have seen the videos and I think they will work well for us.

There are lots of good resources to teach finances at Money Instructor.

Living Math! is a great site with alternatives to teaching "textbook" math. There are learning games, lesson ideas and even book lists of math "living" books.

Mathwire has some neat probability games that use dice and other small easy to find items.

Little Brick Schoolhouse has some great Lego information and ideas on how to make Lego play educational.


Marsha said...

I have to admit you find the most interesting websites. Thanks for the info!

Kathleen said...

Love all of your links! Thanks for posting them!

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