Sunday, July 5, 2009

Monday Musings, Fireworks Edition

We were sooooo disappointed that the Village didn't do fireworks this year. We went to them last year-their first (and apparently last) annual fireworks display. It was the best we had ever seen. I'm not sure why they cancelled it, but our little hearts were broken.

We planned on grilling out that day, also, but David woke up not feeling well so we decided to postpone the grilling until Sunday.

We thought we'd go on outside at dusk and see if any neighbors were doing any fireworks. The neighbors behind us usually do a few. It turned out to be incredibly pleasant outside and, for the first 4th in I don't know how long, it didn't rain. And well, everybody must have been in a patriotic mood this year because we had fireworks on all sides! There was so much smoke and noise in the neighborhood you would have thought we were right out there at the actual Battle of Lexington. It was awesome! The day was saved! Hooray for America!

1 comment:

marsha said...

I'm so glad that you got to see fireworks right in your own backyard. Our girls refused to go outside but we could see a couple of our neighbor's fireworks from the kitchen and dining room.

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