Sunday, January 10, 2010

Monday Musings

Conversations with an almost three year old.........

Thomas: Can we watch Batman? It has a girl in it.

Me: I don't think so.

Thomas: Can we watch Iron Man? It has a girl in it.

Me: Sure. (This will continue on until I say yes, because having a girl in it is supposed to convince me to say yes.)

Thomas: What is that?

Me: The Alamo.

Thomas: Are there tigers in there?

Me: No.

Thomas: Who are they?

Me: Those are Texas Rangers.

Thomas: Are tigers going to get them?

Me: No

Thomas: Look, Mom! That's Santa!

Me: Yes, it sure is. What does Santa do?

Thomas: He eats cookies and shoots bad guys.


Anonymous said...

Too Cute. :)Thanks for sharing.

Jessica Denny said...

Courtney - Jan Orner has been trying to contact you. Please call her at 788-3778. She has a bunch of warm clothes and coats if the kids need them, but please call either way. Thanks - Jessica Denny

Wendy said...

Santa shoots bad guys?? LOL I'm so glad you write these things down. I wish I remembered more conversations with my guys like this!

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