Thursday, January 28, 2010

Wee One Number 9

Little One is 14 weeks, and is due July 29th.

But, we all know, from my previous experience, that this will be an August baby because it will be late and I'll end up having to force it out.

And, no we didn't find out the sex. That's cheating.

Everything looks healthy according to my midwives, who I will dearly miss, and who I wish I could take with me when I move. But, one thing I don't understand is how a 3 ounce baby has caused me to already gain 14 pounds. Perhaps it's because this is the reality for having a ninth baby in 14 years. Or, perhaps it's because I will be "age 35" by the time this baby is born, which is maternity speak for "you are old". Or, perhaps it's the fact that I need to eat carbs. Or sweets. Whatever.

On another note, we spent three days this week at the dentist, who I also love and wish I could take with me when we move. They couldn't get all of the kids' cleanings appointments scheduled for one day, so they split it up into two days. Then one child had to come back for an extraction of an extra "bonus" tooth, two children needed sealants for their molars, and Hallelujah! nary a cavity was seen on any child.

Except for one, who will remain nameless to protect his (or her) identity. He (or she) needed TWO crowns, because he (or she) will lose his (or her) toothbrush and neglect to notify me for a week. He (or she) now has a mouth full of metal, which might have elevated him (or her) to some sort of Super Hero status in his (or her) own mind.


Guess who took two steps?

"Wait, Mom! I don't know about this!"

"Well, that wasn't so bad after all!"


Denise said...

WOO-HOO Bailey!!
Just wondering Courtney, did you get to stop at your favorite biscuit place on your way home from your appointment? Or is this little Sanchez giving you other cravings?

Courtney said...

You remembered! No, David was with me and he doesn't like biscuits. (I know!) So, he actually took me to get nachos at Monterrey's. I have been craving Mexican food this time. So, maybe this baby will be an authentic mexican "Sanchez"!

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