Sunday, May 9, 2010

Mother's Day

This morning Brittany cooked some waffles, hash browns and bacon for breakfast, and it was so good. That girl can cook some bacon!

At church all the moms were honored with a teacup/candle and devotional booklet and the pastor did a little fun thing before the sermon. He bought roses and went through a checklist. I got a rose for the "expecting" catagory that he did first, and if you had already gotten a rose in one catagory, you couldn't raise your hand for another catagory. But, if I had been able to raise my hand again, then I would've gotten another for most children, most relatives in church that day, and youngest child in church. Ha!

My sweet sister in law got me a Chili's gift certificate along with some pretty flowers and a cake this morning. So this afternoon, David and I went out to Chili's. I hadn't been to Chili's in probably years, but my burger was so good! And, they gave me a chocolate covered strawberry for Mother's Day.

This mama was spoiled. :)

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