Monday, July 4, 2011

Friends, Fireworks and the Fourth

We had such a busy, but fun day on Sunday. Our friends, The Stouts, were passing through Tulsa on a big cross country trip and spent the morning with us. We first met them about 11 years ago, some of the first friends we met when we moved to Columbia. Brittany and Hannah became fast friends at age five. There birthdays are exactly one week apart. We hadn't seen them since we moved to Tulsa last year.

Bethany, Hannah, Brittany and Katie

And what do you do when you haven't seen your friends in a year and a half? Flat-iron each other's hair, of course!

It's always been a tradition for the girls to go to each other's birthdays. They've only missed maybe 2 or 3 years together since they were five. Well, I knew something was telling me to make a pound cake last night and I'm glad I did. Laura Lynn said, "We should've picked up a cake and we could've done their birthdays together." And I said, "Well, I've got a pound cake and candles! We got to continue the tradition with the girls having a mini-birthday together.

Don't we look like a lively bunch?

Laura Lynn giving a homeschool geography lesson on the states they'd gone through so far.

Travis more interested in the legos.

Laura Lynn and me.

The two David S's. Better known as "Your David" and "My David".

One last pic before they headed back to South Carolina.

Last night we went to celebrate the Fourth of July out in the country. It was HOT, but right before the fireworks a nice cold front came in and cooled us off.

Every year a nice couple from our church invites everyone out to their ranch for a cookout and fireworks. The whole church donates money for the fireworks and it was a great show.

We all had a great time. Bailey and Travis LOVED the fireworks. Bailey got to do a sparkler by herself for the first time and David pulled his hamstring playing ultimate frisbee.

I had the four youngest kids over by myself to do the sparklers and I just didn't know how it was going to go with four children under the age of six and three flaming swords, but much to my relief, no one set themselves or anyone else on fire.

So, today we are going to just hang out around the house since David has the whole day off. And there may be laundry in my future since my husband only had a kitchen hand towel to dry off with after his shower last night.

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