Friday, July 15, 2011

Why does it have to be so hot in Tulsa?

It has been averaging 105 everyday for at least three weeks now. And, it is still forecasted through next week. Was it this hot last summer? Maybe I don't remember because I was about thirteen months pregnant, sitting in front of the air conditioner addicted to Simply lemonade then.

In addition to trying to avoid heat stroke, I've had so many big projects to get done. I got homeschool finished and gave the last of the assignments for those stragglers to finish up, taught a group of 30 women for an evening, got 2 kids ready for a week long missions trip, got 5 kids ready for two different church camps and scooted preschoolers along at Pandamania Vacation Bible School.

I am currently planning four birthday parties (although two of them are together), writing a book, thinking about needing to start planning for next homeschool year, planning decorations for a church banquet and making sure the kids are doing their summer reading club.

And of course, there is the taking care of nine children who do like to eat and wear clean clothes.

Why do I always go into summer thinking, "Oh, we won't have much to do. We'll just sit around and watch movies and stuff and take it easy for a change."

And then summer actually happens.

And then I snap back into 105 degree reality.


I am enjoying every minute of it.

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