Monday, April 30, 2012

Happy Birthday Brooke!

Brooke, my niece Emma and their friend Rachel all have
birthdays in April, so we decided to have a joint
party and let them invite all their friends.

Brooke turned 9!

Emma turned 11!

And Rachel also turned 11!

I don't even remember how many people came.

The girls requested chocolate chip cookie cake. Bethany
and Brooke also made cake pops. They were quite the challenge. They really needed to be put in the freezer for a while, but since we waited til the last minute there was no time to do that. They kept crumbling while they tried to ice them. But, they tasted good.

Make a wish!

The kids did a relay race, balloon pop and, a group favorite-fruit basket turnover.

My brother in law Dominic and his new wife, Kim. And, of course, Travis.

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