Sunday, April 29, 2012

Thrifty Finds!

The ENTIRE family went out yesterday for a neighboring city-wide yard sale. We even took my nephew Devin and Tyler's friend Jack. You KNOW the looks we got when all 13 of us got out of the van.....

Two cute baskets for 75 cents.

I just love animal prints and we don't have anything special in our master bath right now, so all of my finds today will go in that bathroom. This set was $5.

This $2 picture will go in there as well. Now I just have to find some towels.

Total spent: $7.75.

Next week is another neighboring city-wide yard sale and the teens' missions fundraiser yardsale for our church.

I can't wait!

Head to Rhoda's Southern Hospitality to find some more Thrifty Treasures!

southern hospitality


Mary @ At Home on the Bay said...

I love yard sales. You found so many great things! Those baskets are sweet.


Eclectically Vintage said...

One word - SCORE!!

Linda @ it all started with paint said...

Great finds! Love the price tag. And I'm still trying to get over the 9 kids ... and the addition of 2 more to take along ...

... Van? I think perhaps you're driving a school bus ...



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