Wednesday, November 28, 2012

History Resources: Ancient History

Getting ready for a study of Ancient history? Check out these links.................

Bible History:
These are great printables for a Bible Times lapbook, or you could also use these for a History Notebook section on Bible Times.

Timeline of Biblical History

Expelled from Paradise

Research on the Story of Joseph
The Plagues


Exodus Pharoah Research

A Blank Map

Israel in Egypt

Egyptian History:
Find out what your name looks like on a Cartouche for your study of Ancient Egypt.

A Map of Ancient Egypt

Anything and everything Ancient Egypt


Lapbook and Lapbook

Ancient China:
Chinese Inventions

Map of the Silk Route

A China Lapbook

Anything and Everything Ancient China

Greece and Rome:
Here's how to dress in a Greek Chiton or a Roman Toga.

Greek Coloring Pages

Greek Notebooking Pages

Greek gods Coloring Pages
Comparing Athens and Sparta, and information on the two.

Here are two free lapbook/unit studies for Ancient Egypt and Ancient Rome.

You wouldn't want to be an Egyptian Mummy or a Roman Gladiator!

This is an enormous list of all kinds of links by time period. There are a lot of interesting You Tube video links.

Counter Cultural School has great pictures, recipes and ideas for making a feast after your ancient history study- Egypt, Greece, Roman, Mayan, Indian, Medieval, Vikings and more. There are also ideas for costumes, games and decorations.

Some Ancient Activities from Ellen McHenry

Lots of Information About the Roman Empire

Make a Roman Mosaic

A Roman Menu

Activities for Ancient Rome from BBC

Roman Coloring Pages

Roman Printables

Roman Timeline

A Viking Lapbook

A Viking Map

Viking Ships on You Tube

Daily Life of Vikings

Runes, Runes, Runes, Runes, and more Runes

Ancient Americas:
An Aztec Notebooking Page

An Aztec Numbers Worksheet

Everything Aztec

Mayan Calendar Activity

Very Nice Aztec Color Pages

And More Very Nice Aztec Color Pages

A Map of World Empires in 1492

How to Tie Information like a Maya

How to Keep Records Like an Inca

Information The Inca Empire

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