Monday, December 3, 2012

Monday Musings

You might be a large family if...........

You group your children into catagories.

For instance.....

"The Three Oldest"= Brittany-17, Tyler-15, Timothy-12

"The Middle Kids"= Bethany-10, Brooke-9, Tristan-7, Thomas-5

"The Little Boys"= Tristan-7, Thomas-5

"The Little Kids" = Bailey-3, Travis-2, Brennan-2 months, but can also include Thomas, 5

"The Girls" Bethany-10, Brooke-9

"The Oldest Boys"= Tyler-15, Timothy-12

Any other combinations require names, but could also be a name/catagory combo like, "Brittany and the little kids."

Also, catagories are subject to change without prior notice, like, "Somebody (meaning EVERYBODY) get in here and clean up this mess!"


Dawn said...

Um YES!!!
Although yesterday I realized when speaking to someone about my "little ones" that I don't actually have little ones to speak of so much anymore. My baby is about to be 6, and the next up is about to be 8. I can hardly type that without bawling. Where in the world did the years go???
It's hard and wonderful and a little bit heart breaking when I think about it. So most of the time, I just don't.
Merry Christmas to ALL your groupings!!!

Courtney said...

I know, where DOES the time go? Merry Christmas to you too, Dawn!

Louise said...

Just found you through FOF on Renaissance. I grew up as the fourth of eleven kids, so I completely understand the groupings!
Now I have three girls and my oldest (3yrs) calls her sisters (2&9mo) "the babies". :-)

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