Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Christmas Card Scrapbook Tutorial

     I always hated to throw away the pretty Christmas cards we receive every year, so I would just set them aside in my craft basket, and I figured I would eventually find something to do with them.

     I don't remember where I got the idea, but I love to scrapbook, so I thought I would use the cards to make a scrapbook for Christmas.

Here's how to make one of your own:

Gather up those Christmas cards! Don't worry if the graphic is small or you think you might not be able to use it. You never know what you might come up with when those creative juices start flowing!

Get your scrapbook materials ready. Choose what photo album you want to use. You can use any size, but I chose a smaller size, I think it was 8 x 8 or maybe 7 x 7.

You'll want a supply of various cardstocks and papers (there are some really pretty ones out on the market now), pens, punches, glue sticks or tabs, punches, scissors and whatever else you want to use. If you're very sentimental about your cards you could always just use photo corners to secure them, but otherwise feel free to cut them apart. You could also jot down who it was from in small print on your page.

I chose to do one page for every letter of the alphabet, so I needed a photo album with at least 26 pages. You could just do words without doing the whole alphabet, or just include the cards and scripture.

I tried to correspond the letter/word/verse with the graphic on the card, but it was a little tricky coming up with something for every letter.

These are just a couple of pages from the one I did.

You can make your book as simple or elaborate as you want. Here I cut out the graphic and punched out stars with a hole punch. I also put the word that corresponded with the letter on each page, and tried to have the verse contain the word, as well.

I made mine about five years ago and had planned to have made another one by now, but you know there just never is enough time. I made some fold-overs on the inside covers that had activities to do after we read the letter. I didn't put an activity under every single day(the idea was to read one page/letter a day and talk about the scripture, and flip up the corresponding letter activity), because that would be exhausting! I know it's a difficult to read them in this picture, but under the days with nothing, I just put a sticker. Some of the activities were: Make popcorn and watch 'It's a Wonderful Life', Make a paper chain, Find Bethlehem on a map, Make a yummy treat, Make a craft, Read a Christmas book, Sing 'The Twelve Days of Christmas", Drive and see lights, etc.

These are the scriptures and words for the alphabet that I used for mine.

A   Angel   Luke 1:30
B   Bethlehem   Luke 2:4-5
C   Child   Luke 2:17
D   Deliverer  Matthew 1:21
E   Emmanuel   Mattew 1:23
F   Frankincense    Matthew 2:11
G  Gift   James 1:17
H   Herod   Matthew 2:13
I    Inn  Luke 2:7
J    Joy   Luke 2:10
K  King  Psalm 24:10
L  Love  John 3:16
M  Manger  Luke 2:16
N  Noel  Psalm 33:2
O  Offer   Psalm 63:5
P  Prince of Peace  Isaiah 9:6
Q  Quiet    Psalm 23:2
R  Receive  John 1:12
S  Shepherds  Luke 2:20
T  Turtledoves  Luke 2:24
U  Unity  John 17:23
V  Virgin  Luke 1:34-35
W  Wise Men  Matthew 2:1-2
X  Exhalt  Luke 1:46-47
Y  Yule  John 4:42
Z  Zeal  Isaiah 9:7

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