Monday, July 8, 2013

Happy 4th! (Now that it's the 8th.)

My, how time flies when you are having fun.

Well, I just love America, I really do, and it always makes me tear up a little watching fireworks and thinking of what it must have been like for all the founding fathers who started this great country. And, all the brave folks who've fought for our freedom, and all the people who've stayed behind and supported those folks.

Wednesday night we went to see our church's annual fireworks show, which is just as awesome as any professional show, I might add. We had a picnic potluck and I think I might have eaten a grilled elk burger, I'm not sure, but if I did it was goooood. Unfortunately, David's shift didn't end until 8:30, so he didn't make it out to watch fireworks with us.

So, we went to see fireworks Thursday night, too. We decided to see watch the Jenks display, so we left early enough to be able to find a spot to sit. Which ended up being at the top of a tall hill.

And we sat there for THREE hours until the fireworks started.

But, another dad had the idea of sledding down the hill on a box, so that started a trend and before long enough boxes were found and about twenty or more kids were sledding down the hill in July.

Since Travis killed my camera, I don't have one single picture.

David and the kids walked a block over to the green market where they spent an arm and a leg on snacks since it was the only place open, and the closest, on food that "only Mom would eat" because, well, it's health food and who but Mom would willingly eat health food? But, they did agree that the Stevia sweetened soda was drinkable and the all natural cheetoes were edible. Crisis averted.

So, Happy 4th y'all!

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