Friday, July 26, 2013

Happy Birthday, Brittany!

I'm posting this late obviously, because Brittany's birthday was last Sunday. So, it's either I'm in shock that I know have an 18 year old adult child, or the fact that the oldest three kids left me for Tampa, Florida for the week.

Either way, I really was cheated since I didn't get to witness the once in lifetime event of my oldest child becoming an adult. Does this qualify me for an award? A reward? A vacation?

Anyway, the kids left last Saturday to go to Tampa for the FWB National Convention. They helped with the missions organization for three days and got to go to Disney for two days. They'll be home on Sunday evening. I've never been to Disney (does this post seem like a sob story so far?) but I'm glad they got to go.

The other seven kids and I had a fairly eventful week since most of us have been sick with a sinus infection (well, all of us really), but we still managed to go to the splash pad, the library and "Top Hat" pizza. We didn't even get blown away by the massive storms that came through Tuesday night, although we had a ton of branches down and about 60,000 homes without power in Tulsa. I was so grateful and thanking Jesus we were not one of those 60,000.

So, now I need to get this mountain of homeschool stuff sorted and off my table, so my kids don't have to eat dinner on the floor.

At least I've lost two pounds this week. So, there's that.

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