Wednesday, December 4, 2013

And then there was the time we drove to Missouri to meet Dean Butler.

We have always been Little House on the Prairie fans. We have all the Dvd seasons, have read all the books, have made Little House crafts and recipes and done studies on the life of Laura Ingalls Wilder.

So, when I found out that in September Dean Butler was going to be the special guest for Laura Ingalls Wilder Days in Mansfield, Missouri I knew we had to go.

I mean, who doesn't like Almanzo?

So, we loaded up the van and made the 3 and 1/2 hour trip to Missouri. The Wilder homestead is is in Mansfield and every year they hold Laura Ingalls Wilder Days complete with special homestead tours and a parade.

When we arrived in Mansfield we went straight to the little museum beside the house. It was very interesting and even housed Laura's teaching certificate!

Here we are in front of Almanzo and Laura's house. They were holding tours. It was a cute little house with a modern (for that time) kitchen and a bathroom.

Then, we stood in line to meet Dean Butler. We were ten people away when he had to break for the parade! So, we drove down the road to the parade and hurried back to get in line. We were able to resume the spot we were in before. The lady in front of us had driven in for the weekend from L.A. Now that's a fan!

And here's Dean! He really was a nice guy. I think he feels very overwhelmed that still today people are such big fans of his. Brittany and I each got an autographed photo of a scene from the show, and the younger kids got their tickets autographed. Brooke told him that she loves the show and her favorite episode is "Divorce, Walnut Grove Style". He seemed genuinely tickled that she told him that.

Before we left we drove over to the "Rock House" which was just down the road a little. Rose Wilder, their daughter, had this house built for them after she became a famous author. They lived there briefly, but eventually returned to their little white house. It's no wonder they settled in Mansfield. It is a beautiful area.

Then, we drove over to see their graves. They are buried in a little cemetery about a mile or two from their house.

It was definately worth the trip. And, we were even at an intersection with the Amish and their horse and buggies on the way. Memories were made!

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