Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Happy Birthday, Thomas and Tristan!

Our Birthday-palooza starts on February 12! Thomas turned 8 this year! 

Bethany and Brooke made him a Slugterra cake.

I wrapped up eight presents and had him open up
one every hour from lunchtime til 8 pm.
Bailey said she wanted to do the exact same thing only 
she wants to open all of her presents at
the same time. Ha!

Next up was Tristan's birthday on February 23rd. He turned TEN this year!

He was excited because this was the first
year it had snowed on his birthday.

Bethany and Brooke made him a Minecraft cake
and we took him to see Big Hero Six at the dollar theater.

The two of them got a little birthday money and I 
think they want to go to the store today and find
a new video game. 

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