Monday, February 2, 2015

Monday Musings

Just a few Sanchez kidisms...........

Brennan (2):  "I have a butter winich?" (peanut butter sandwich)

Bailey (5): "Brennan got into my san hanitizer." (hand sanitizer)

Trace (8 months) knows how to lean forward and give a smooch. So cute.

Tristan (9) bursting into song "Mom, OOOOOHHHHH, the weather outside is..........really nice so can we go outside and play?"  (Instead of doing math, but hey, who can pass up 75 degrees in January?)

Travis (4) has an imaginary friend named "Brat". (Fitting.) Anyway, our children's pastor knows this and asked him if Brat had come to church this morning. Travis looks at him with a completely straight face and said, "No. He had a dentist appointment."

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