Sunday, March 9, 2008

Happy Birthday!

Yesterday, March 9th, was Bethany's 6th birthday. She invited two friends over and we made these cute little compacts out of candy mint tins. You paint them and paste some faux fur on top, glue a small mirror onto the inside lid. and fill them with hairbows and lip gloss and such. They had a great time. She begged to have a treasure hunt, so I just hid a few clues that led them to the treats ofr their compacts. I didn't have the boys make one, and then then I saw a cute idea for a boy-themed idea. You paint a candy tin and glue on a small lizard, or some other such icky boy favor, and their you have a tin for your coins. Oh well. Always the good ideas in retrospect.

Bethany's birth story.......

I had my typical first trimest feel-like-throwing-up-for-three-months-but-never-actually-throwing-up feeling. I usually don't have any real medical complications, fortunately, but I do have my share of typical pregnancy discomforts. My weight gain was just fine, I thought, until one evening we went out to dinner. Our waitress was asking when I was due. When I told her at that point I was about 7 months, she said, "Oh my sister is 7 months, too. But, she's not as big as you are!" Can we say, "NO tip for you?"

We were renting at the time, and had closed on the house we were buying just two months before she was due. I was seeing the doctors at the same practice as the midwives, but was not familiar enough with the midwives at that point, so I had just chosen to see the doctors. I was actually due on March 7th, then early in the morning on March 9th I started having contractions. We took the 30 minute drive to the hospital. Things were progressing very quickly- I was almost 10 centimeters by the time we got there. But, of course, they have to call the doctor and needed to give me the antibiotic since I was Group B Strep postitive, so they didn't want her out yet. I had previously decided that I wouldn't get the epidural, but then told the nurse that was probably a bad idea. She was very encouraging and said that I was almost ready to push and that I could do it. I was very thankful for that. When I think back and remember her birth, it seems like everything was so calm. No extraneous people going in and out, everything was quiet- very peaceful. So, I decided that maybe I could do it and about an hour and a half later, at 6:50 am we had a Bethany. She was small for our babies, only 8 lbs. 3 ounces. She was so pretty. She had a full head of dark hair with these light brown highlights at the tips. I recovered very well and so did she. I couldn't have planned for anything to have gone any better.

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