Saturday, June 7, 2008


We have really enjoyed lapbooking this year. I had really only discovered it about a year and a half ago and while planning out my homeschool year last summer, I knew I wanted to incorporate some of these into our studies. Even the younger kids wanted to do their own lapbooks and so I'm planning more to be done this next year as well. I came across some very helpful websites that give free templates, ideas and even pictures of examples. You can buy premade ones if you want, but I found so much on the internet for free, I just decided to put them all together on my own. I got lots of material off of the following links (and also the links on their sites). If I needed more on a particular subject I would go to several sites that I frequent for worksheets or type what I was looking for into the search engine.

These sites have lots of info. on how to get started. No need for me to retype. They've said it well enough!

Here are some general sites that I always go back to for worksheets and printables. This site requires a membership, but it offers a 7 day free trial. Go into "Directory"

If you would prefer to purchase ones already put together, these are the places to get them: Don't forget to sign up for their weekly freebies. They are pretty great!

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