Tuesday, June 10, 2008


We've dabbled in notebooking over the years and I am planning to do more of that this year in addition to the lapbooks. What's the difference between the two, you say? Then check out this link:


Lapbooking is more small, shaped booklets and such affixed onto a file folder, and notebooks are more dictation, small reports, maps, copywork and such put in a three ring binder. Although, you can include all of those things in either one, or make a lap/notebook combo, which we may do this year. You can also use plastic page protectors for your notebook pages.
Here are some more links for notebooking information. Several of these sites sell notebooking pages and sets, but like the lapbooks, I felt like it was easy to put them together myself. Also, the links I posted in "Lapbooking Links" are good sources for material for notebooks as well. The last link on here has a nice list of things you could include in your notebooks.


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