Monday, September 22, 2008

Monday Musings

What my children wear to church when I don't supervise them, and don't notice the details of what they picked out until we are actually at church getting out of the van.

Bethany: white skirt with stains
Brooke: a dress with a missing button, socks that are on upside down with sandels
Tristan: pants that are on backwards (which isn't really surprising becasue he always puts his clothes on backwards)
Thomas: dirty shirt- that smells funny

Conversation this afternoon:
Timothy: May I have some hot chocolate, Mom?
Me: Yes
Bethany: May I have some, too?
Me: Yes
Brooke: Can I have some hot chocolate?
Me: Yes
Tristan: Can I have some....
Thomas: Chockit?
Me: YES!

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