Monday, September 15, 2008

Pass the peas, please.

Thomas decided to get creative with his Sunday dinner yesterday. He shoved a little green pea up his nose. I couldn't get it out. It kept scooting up further until I couldn't even see it. I tried getting him to blow, used the bulb syringe and held the other side of his nose closed, but to no avail. I took him to Doctor's Care, since I didn't want to go to the ER and they're the only other place that's open on Sunday. I paid them $142 for them to tell me that it was stuck too far up and I should go to the ER. So, off to Richland's Children's ER we went to sit and wait for three hours to be seen. ( I cringe because none of this is covered by our insurance because we have the high deductible policy.) Thomas was very good throughout all the waiting. He played with some other kids in the waiting area (hopefully not picking up any extra germs), sat quietly, and looked at a book or two. He did become very suspicious of anyone in scrubs after the screaming fit at Doctor's Care when they were just looking in his nose.

Finally, they called us back-we had to be in this teeny, tiny triage room, because they had no more rooms availlable, when finally an intern (?) who looked like he graduated med. school yesterday, came in with a paperclip folded into a loop at the end. Wait just a minute people. This isn't the picture the Doctor's Care guy was painting for me when he suggested I go to the Children's ER. Granted I have been there several times before, but never to have an object removed from so near to my child's brain. The Doctor's Care guy assured me that the ER does this type of thing all the time, they have a professional sucky thing that will pull it right out and no damage to his little nose. And if necessary, so it won't be too traumatic they can give him an anesthesia sucker and he would drift off to dreamland while they extracted said pea, and he would wake up in a field of daisies none the wiser. What I get is a kid coming at my son with a looped paperclip in a broom closet.

I felt somewhat better after he told me they succesfully took a kernel of corn from a kid's ear last week. I'm assuming he survived the experience and isn't deaf. So, after a few minutes of holding Thomas down as he was trying to wrestle free and let us know, not so nicely, that he was not enjoying this experience (my, I didn't realize how strong a one year old could be) the notorious pea was removed, and was stuck with all it's glorious green-ness at the end of the looped paperclip.

Thomas' good humor was now done. He was a crying break down, and escaped out the door when I set him down to give my back a break and we were waiting for them to come back with the discharge paperwork. He ran to the end of the hall, only to collapse at the closed exit door crying, "Van! Van!" I scooped him up and took him back to the room. I knew he was hungry and thirsty, so I told him I would take him to get a burger and fries. (I had a coupon for a free happy meal from Burger King.) So, then he cried, "Fries! Fries!" It was sadness. He did calm down after getting to the van, and he was back to himself after getting some food in his little tummy.
After we got back home, the kids were wondering about the little toy he got in the happy meal. We really haven't eaten out much at all in a long while, and when we have, we haven't bought happy meals. I probably haven't bought a happy meal in three years. So Brooke, says, "A toy came with his burger and fries? Wow!" Apparently the poor dears are very deprived! lol

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